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Osteology, arthrology, myology, movements, neurology and blood supply

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1 Osteology, arthrology, myology, movements, neurology and blood supply
Shoulder Girdle Osteology, arthrology, myology, movements, neurology and blood supply

2 Osteology Scapula Sternum Ribs 2-7 Clavicle Humerus

3 Osteology

4 Osteology

5 Osteology

6 Osteology

7 Scapulo-Thoracic “Jt.”

8 Arthrology Scapulo-thoracic Jt. Movements Scapula Elevation Depression
Abduction Adduction Upward rotation Downward rotation Protraction Retraction

9 Sterno-Clavicular Jt.

10 Sterno-Clavicular Jt.

11 Arthrology Sterno-clavicular Jt. Surfaces/Type Capsule/Ligaments
Movements Elevation Depression Anterior/posterior rotation A-P Glide

12 Arthrology Costo-clavicular Joint Surfaces/Connections/Type

13 Costo-Clavicular Joint

14 Arthrology Coraco-clavicular Joint Surfaces/Type Capsule/Ligaments

15 Coraco-Clavicular Joint

16 Arthrology Acromio-clavicular Joint Surfaces/Type Capsule/Ligaments
Movements Gliding

17 Acromio-Clavicular Joint

18 Arthrology Coraco-acromial Joint surfaces/Type Capsule/Ligaments

19 Coraco-Acromial Joint

20 Gleno-Humeral Arthrology
Joint Surfaces/Type Capsule/Ligaments Movements Osteokinematic Flex/ext. Abd/Add Int./Ext. rotation

21 Arthrology Gleno-Humeral Joint Continued Arthrokinematic
Glide/Slide Spin/Roll Related Bursae

22 Gleno-Humeral Joint

23 Gleno-Humeral Joint

24 Gleno-Humeral Joint

25 Gleno-Humeral Joint

26 Gleno-Humeral Joint

27 Myology Superficial Muscles of the Back Trapezius Latissimus Dorsi
Rhomboids Levator Scapulae

28 Myology

29 Myology

30 Myology

31 Myology

32 Myology

33 Interlude

34 Myology Muscles connecting scapula to humerus Teres Major Rotator Cuff
Supraspinatus Infraspinatus Teres Minor Subscapularis Deltoid

35 Myology

36 Myology

37 Myology

38 Myology

39 Myology

40 Myology Anterior Muscles Serratus Anterior Pec. Major Pec. Minor

41 Myology

42 Myology

43 Myology

44 Myology

45 Neurology Brachial Plexus
Roots, Trunks, Divisions, Cords and Branches, Nerves Common BP Injuries

46 Brachial Plexus

47 Brachial Plexus

48 Brachial Plexus

49 BP Continued

50 Brachial Plexus

51 Brachial Plexus

52 Brachial Plexus

53 Radial And Axillary Nerves

54 Radial Nerve

55 Radial Cutaneous

56 Musculocutaneous Nerve

57 Median Nerve

58 Ulnar Nerve

59 Blood Supply

60 Blood Supply

61 Blood Supply Subclavian aa Dorsal Scapular Suprascapular
Internal Thoracic

62 Blood Supply

63 Blood Supply

64 Blood Supply Axillary artery 1st Portion 2nd Portion Supreme Thoracic
Thoraco-Acromial Trunk Pectoral Branch Clavicular Branch Deltoid Branch Acromial Branch Lateral Thoracic

65 Thoracoacromial Trunk

66 Blood Supply

67 Blood Supply 3rd Portion Subscapular Anterior humeral circumflex
Thoracodorsal Scapular Circumflex Anterior humeral circumflex Posterior humeral circumflex

68 Blood Supply

69 Blood Supply

70 Anastomoses

71 Major Veins

72 Lymphatics

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