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EUEI Partnership Dialogue Facility CEMA Workshop Nairobi 31 August 2010.

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1 EUEI Partnership Dialogue Facility CEMA Workshop Nairobi 31 August 2010

2 A demand-driven instrument of the EU Energy Initiative… funded by 5 EU Member States and the EC (NED, GER, SWE, AUT, FIN), facilitates dialogue between: –The European Union and its Partner Countries –Stakeholders at national and regional level, supports development of energy access policies, hosted by GTZ. 2

3  Supporting the development of energy policies and strategies with focus on access in Africa (nat. +regional)  Enabling of legislative and regulative environment  International Dialogue Events (contributing to regional integration)  Thematic studies (electrification, biomass etc.)  Dialogue between donors (e.g. on ESMAP)  Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) Energy Policy Advisory Services 3

4 31 activities in 15 countries with 7 regional organisations, 6 thematic studies and 4 international workshops. Results of the first phase: 2005-2009... 4

5 -Energy strategies/policies, thematic studies, dialogue events: -Continuation of activites with focus on energy access and biomass in Africa -2nd ACP-EU Energy Facility: -Implementation of a component on energy governance -Work more closely with EU Delegations -Africa-EU Energy Partnership: -High-level Ministerial Meeting, 14/15 September 2010, Vienna -Launch and start-up phase of Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme Activities in the second phase: 2009-2012 5

6 EUEI PDF Selected Activities 6

7 Country activities (examples): Angola: Angola: Renewable energy policy Burundi: Burundi: Energy policy/strategy update, investment plan Ghana: Ghana: GIS planning for rural electrification Rwanda Rwanda: Update of national energy policy DR Congo DR Congo: Energy policy, electricity law and rural electrification strategy Cameroon Cameroon: Rural electrification planning Ethiopia Ethiopia: Planning tool for grid extension Uganda Uganda: District level planning of community energy 7

8 Regional access strategies: EAC CEMAC ECOWAS SADC CEMAC EAC SADC ECOWAS 8

9 Thematic Studies: Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) – Senegal Review of Experience with Rural Energy/ Electrification Agencies (REAs) – Sub-Saharan Africa Biomass energy guide – Africa Biomass energy (cooking energy) strategies (BEST) – Malawi, Rwanda Wind Regional Energy Strategy – Caribbean Paper on Energy and National Finances - Africa (Financing of Development Conference) 9

10 EAC: Regional Energy Access Strategy and Donor Mapping, CEMAC: Inter-ministerial Workshop on Energy Access for the Rural Poor, Europe: Facilitating a European Position on the Clean Energy Investment Framework and ESMAP Business Plan, Africa: –Africa Electrification Initiative, with ESMAP –Workshop on Regional Energy Access, –3 regional BEST workshops, with GTZ International Dialogue Events: 10

11 The Project Development Process: Request from government or regional organisation Agreement on action to be supported Non-objection from governing board ToR agreed, restricted call for proposals Bid evaluation, contract, implementation Evaluate effectiveness, impact 11

12 Project Criteria: Upstream, not implementation, Policy, strategy, regulation, legislation, enabling environment, Institutional capacity building, Normally under €200,000 per activity, More in exceptional cases. 12

13 Assistance to the EU Implementing Team Organization of Partnership meetings, including high-level meetings, Joint Experts Groups etc. –e.g. Technical Consultation WS Kamapala, with REAP Development of Partnership documents (Road Map, Joint Statements, background papers) Support to the development of the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP) Africa-EU Energy Partnership 13

14 Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme Will be launched at the HLM on 14 September 10 year programme with initial 3 year start- up phase From mutual commitments to accelerated progress 14

15 Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme Key action areas: Strengthen renewable energy industry and markets in Africa. Implement renewable energy policies and measures including facilitating grid integration. Mobilize existing and new financial instruments to support renewable energy in Africa. Market-focused renewable energy research, development, demonstration, education and technology transfer. 15

16 Contact 16

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