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Cyberbullying: An Old Problem with a New Twist By: Stephanie Yates.

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1 Cyberbullying: An Old Problem with a New Twist By: Stephanie Yates

2 Cyberbullying??  Defined by Nancy Willard as –“being cruel to others by sending or posting harmful material or engaging in other forms of social aggression using the Internet or other digital technologies”

3 Forms of Cyber bullying  Exclusion  Flaming  Harassment  Outing  Trickery  Impersonation  Denigration  Cyber stalking

4 Where it occurs  Rarely occurs at school though it creates a number of problems within schools  Occurs 24/7  No safe place to hide

5 Who are the bullies?  Classmates  Stranger or an anonymous person  Cyber bullying by proxy

6 Effects  Can cause low self-esteem, depression, avoidance, poor grades and anger  60% of youths believe online bullying is as bad or worse than real-life bullying  Afraid to use technology that they are expected to use

7 Who can help  41.5% of victims tell no one  38% tell an online friend  Reluctant to tell adults because: –Afraid nothing can be done to help –Do not want to appear weak –Afraid parents will limit their use of computer and/or cell phone

8 What can we as educators do?  Instruct teens on safe Internet practices  Keep up to date on changes in technology  Watch and limit bullying situations in real-life  Involve students in anti-bully campaigns

9 What else can be done?  Provide students with online communication skills  Be aware of warning signs that a student is the victim of cyber bullying or a cyber bully themselves  Promote responsible behavior in students –Strong moral values –Healthy social expectations

10 Legal Implications  Tinker Standard: –School officials may intervene only when there is a substantial and material threat of disruption or interference with the rights of other students  Hazelwood Standard: –School officials may impose educationally-based restrictions

11 Resources   quences quences quences  pdf pdf pdf  orking.pdf orking.pdf orking.pdf    ”  New bottle but Old Wine: A Research of cyberbullying in schools” by Qing Li

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