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Problem Gambling Prevention in Alberta March 28, 2003 Z’Anne Harvey-Jansen Theresa Hermary Ron Beach.

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1 Problem Gambling Prevention in Alberta March 28, 2003 Z’Anne Harvey-Jansen Theresa Hermary Ron Beach


3 Universal Prevention Promote wellness and healthy lifestyles in the broad population Prevent the onset of the behavior

4 Examples of Universal Prevention AADAC’s School Strategy Problem Gambling Resources

5 Youth Framework AADAC’s School Strategy Enhances services to schools Comprehensive, collaborative approach Curriculum aligned resources Best and Promising practices Focus on key transition grades 4, 7, 9 and 11


7 Playing for Keeps Curriculum aligned for Senior High students Used in schools or community programs Information on adolescent gambling Youth perspectives on gambling


9 Your Best Bet School Curriculum for Junior High students Skill building activities Positive decision making Helping teens to identify high risk gambling activities


11 Targeted Prevention Decrease the prevalence of problem gambling Promotion of protective factors and resilience

12 Examples of Targeted Prevention Initiatives Community Projects Resiliency - Mentoring Problem Gambling - ASSIST

13 Guiding Principles of Community Projects Strength Based Family Involvement Culturally Sensitive Relevant to Youth Community Based

14 Resiliency Community Projects Mentoring One-to-one relationships between volunteer adults and school children identified as at-risk Creating environments that can respond constructively to risk factors Schools, families and communities become partners in addressing addiction problems

15 Recognizing When Gambling Becomes a Problem ASSIST Community Services Centre Edmonton Chinese Community


17 Problem Gambling Awareness Displays and theatre productions in schools Poetry Contest Workshops Radio Programs Newspaper Publications Family Support Community Collaboration

18 Goals of the Project Enhance support for families through supporting integration and reduce barriers to accessing resources and services. Help schools and other community services to respond constructively to the risk factor of problem gambling in the family



21 Examples of Indicated Prevention Initiatives Responsible Gaming Gambling Decisions


23 Winning Moments Effects of problem gambling Signs of a Problem Helping Resources How to Help

24 Employee’s are encouraged to : Be open to talking to patron Point out helpful resources Avoid reinforcing the myths Respect the customer Refer to establishment’s customer service policy

25 Gambling Decisions A Program to Help Clients Control their Gambling

26 Gambling Decisions An early intervention program for people whose gambling is starting to cause problems in their lives- problem gamblers.

27 Program Focus Gambling Decisions provides participants with a choice of goals. Learn to control their gambling Decide to abstain altogether

28 How it works : Clients are screened by phone A six week program is offered before the problem is too big. Clients who need more intensive help are referred to abstinence programs

29 Three formats of the program: 1. Self Help 2. Self Help Plus 3. Group program

30 Results to Date: Successfully tested in a 1 – year controlled trial in Edmonton Results published Dissemination plan being developed

31 Question and Answer

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