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PowerPoint The Basics. Where is it?  Hard Drive / Microsoft Office / PowerPoint.

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1 PowerPoint The Basics

2 Where is it?  Hard Drive / Microsoft Office / PowerPoint

3 Create a New Presentation  Select “Presentation Design”  Select a Design, Click “OK”

4 New Slide  “Title” Slide –many formats –Use the pre-selected one, Click “OK”  Save to Your Disk –(Summary Information: “OK”)  Add Title, subtitle

5 Toolbars  Notice “names” and explanations (at the bottom)

6 The Next Slide  Click on “New Slide” from the floating menu.  Use the pre-selected one. Click “OK”.  Click & type the “slide title” (the main idea of that slide)  Click below to add text  Press “Return” to go to the next line

7 Bullets Add text without bullets, or......  Add text with bullets –Click on the arrows to “promote” or “demote” the text.  (or option / shift / arrow) –Bullets help organize your information.

8 The Next Slide & the next, & the next....  Click on “New Slide” again  Follow the same steps for all of your slides  Save frequently

9 Slide View vs. Outline View  “View” Toolbar at bottom of page  Select “Outline” View  Same commands work –You can complete your whole presentation in “Outline” View.

10 Slide Sorter View  Shows “Thumbnails” of all slides  Wrong order? To change the order of your slides: –In “Slide Sorter” View or “Outline” View, drag the slide to the desired position.  You can select and go directly to any slide  So, click on the first slide, and........

11 See How It Looks!  Select “Slide Show” View (bottom of page)  Click the mouse to change slides  Ready for some special effects?.........

12 Transitions  Add a fancy transition between slides  In “Slide Sorter View”, select all (Edit menu)  Select a “Transition” directly from the toolbar above  Try the “Slide Show” again to see the difference

13 Build  Adds your points one by one- not all at the same time  Again, select “Slide Sorter” View, and “Select All” (Edit menu)  Use the “Build” menu on the toolbar to choose an effect

14 Check Out the Difference  Select “Slide Sorter”, and click on slide 1.  Switch to “Slide Show”, and click through your program  To change the “Build” or “Transition” style: – Return to “Slide Sorter” View and “Select All”. Then try a different style.

15 To Add a Picture  New Slide Layout: –Select a layout with a picture and text, or –Select the layout with title only, or blank  Select “Picture...” (“Insert” menu)  Find the picture you would like, and click on “Insert”  Resize / reposition the picture

16 Notes Pages View  Gives 1 slide per page  Also provides space to write extra notes about that slide  Can be printed (one page for each slide)  Alternative: –Save a copy (“Save As....”) –Add your extra notes to the outline, and print it.

17 Printing  Possible to print: –slides –notes pages –handout of slides (2, 3, or 6 per page) –outline notes  Check the box “Pure Black & White”

18 What Else? Lots!  Other basics: spelling, cut/paste....  Change colors: Format menu –“Slide Background” and “Slide Color Scheme”  Text color button and text styles/size  Drawing / graphics  Insert graphs / tables

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