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Private Sector Community Support Officer

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1 Private Sector Community Support Officer
Lenka Wyatt Private Sector Community Support Officer

2 EU/EEA Members Expansion of the EU
EU (also in EEA) – Austria,Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK EEA (not in EU) – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway Expansion of the EU In May 2004 EU/EEA expanded by: - Cyprus, Malta - A8 countries - Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia • In January 2007 other countries joined: - A2 countries - Bulgaria, Romania Ministers were initially advised that every year only up to East European workers would head to the UK. They were taken by surprise by the scale of the influx of 200, 000 immigrants. Which was 15 times the governments maximum estimate. Recently the number has fallen dramatically, nevertheless there is still a distinct strain on statutory agencies. The European Economic Area includes all the countries in the European Union + others signed up to some of the freedom of movement provisions. Switzerland not member of EEA Accession countries

3 Regulations for EEA nationals
Freedom of movement for all Habitual residency test - voluntarily in UK - resident in UK - intention to remain in UK - in UK for an appreciable period of time The right to reside in the UK & eligibility for allocation, homelessness, benefits - right to reside for three months - work seeker (not for A8 and A2) - worker - maternity - self employed - family members - self supporting Freedom of movement Nationals of the European Economic Area (EEA), Swiss nationals and their families have to come to the UK to visit, live or work. A8 nationals have the right to freedom of movement, but restricted access to European labour markets and so benefits, housing system. Habitual residency test – 1980s government concern about effect on welfare benefit system, 1994 test introduced Appreciable period – 1-3 months but combination of all factors If not pass then person is treated as person from abroad – ineligible Also pass if EEA worker, EEA self-employed, A8 working, family member, permanent right to reside Right to reside In 2004, test EEA nationals are not subject to immigration control if they have rights to reside under EU regulation. Work seeker – looking for work but haven’t been exonomically active in the UK before Worker – someone who performs work shich is effective and genuine, full time, part time as little as 10 hrs a week. EU original member retain worker status even if temporarily unable to work (illness, accident). Can also be registered at the Jobcentre . Maternity – continue to be workers Self employed Family members – spouse, civil partner, partner, dependats under 21, direct dependat relatives Self-supporting – Freedom of movement. If you do not work, you must be able to support yourself and your family in the UK without becoming an unreasonable burden on public funds. Unlikely to be eligible for homelessness assistance – not in fact self supporting Which benefits are affected? Only the following benefits are affected: Both the right to reside and the habitual residence test: pension credit income support income-based jobseeker's allowance housing benefit council tax benefit Only the right to reside test: child tax credit child benefit

4 Restrictions for A8 nationals
Right to work Workers Registration Scheme (WRS) - Registration Certificate - Registration Card No registration for self-employed Housing allocation, homelessness & in-work benefits eligible while working within the first 12 months same rights as other EEA workers after completion of 12 months eligible if self-employed Restrictions for A8 nationals  Workers Registration Scheme – register within 30 days, £90 Name, nationality, date of birth, reg. Number, photo -         new registration with each job -         breaks less than 30 days -         if more than start again In work benefits – housing benefit, council tax benefit, working tax credits Stop working – not eligible After 12 months same rights as EEA workers

5 Restrictions for A2 nationals
Right to work Highly skilled workers – blue registration certificate, no restriction to work People with a job offer for which a permit can be granted (skilled work where there is a labour shortage, doctors and dentists, domestic employment, some work in the food processing industry) - accession worker card Students (work up to 20 hrs/w) - student registration card Seasonal agricultural workers - SAWS card, up to 6 months work Housing allocation, homelessness & in-work benefits Highly skilled workers eligible while working within the first 12 months same rights as other EEA workers after completion of 12 months Self-employed – eligible while they are working Seasonal agricultural workers – farmers are expected to provide clean and sanitary accommodation. No dependants.

6 Identification documents
Information on national passports and identity cards from European Union countries can be found on Workers registration certificate So, what Identification documents ….

7 Migration Impact Fund and Housing
May 2009, the Housing Strategy & Development Service, in partnership with the Economic Development & Social Regeneration Team submitted a proposal to GOSE for funding through the Migration Impact Fund. Medway Council has been awarded funding to help manage the transitional impacts of migration by: * providing better access to housing advice and solutions * ensuring the availability of safe and decent homes in the private sector

8 Housing Advice Surgery for Eastern European migrants
My role Provide advice and assistance to the landlords regarding migrant tenants e.g. interpreting (Czech & Slovak language), translating the documents, liasing with the tenants Provide advice and guidance to migrant households Help migrants accessing other services provided by Medway Council e.g. housing and council tax benefits, and other outside bodies e.g. Job Centre plus for welfare benefits Housing Advice Surgery for Eastern European migrants Luton Junior School (Luton Road, Chatham): Monday 9.15 – (Lenka Wyatt) Medway Community College (Magpie Hall Road, Chatham): Monday and Tuesday 9.00 – (Milota Biagi) All Saints Children Centre (Magpie Hall Road, Chatham): Tuesday 9.15 – (Lenka Wyatt) Luton Library (Nelson Terrace, Chatham): Thursday 9.00 – (Milota Biagi)

9 Private Sector Community Support Officer
Contact details Lenka Wyatt Private Sector Community Support Officer Tel: Address: Private Sector Housing Gun Wharf Level 2 Dock Road Chatham ME4 4TR

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