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NIOS II Ethernet Communication Final Presentation

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1 NIOS II Ethernet Communication Final Presentation
By: Gilad Shterenshis Supervisor: Ina Rivkin Winter 2008

2 Background and Project Goals
Create simple calculator in NIOS II processor using Ethernet interface Implement Ethernet interface to the NIOS II w/o OS Create HW environment for NIOS II processor Create small calculator program in C/C++

3 Project Steps Build a simple SOPC system
Using On-Chip memory only Small C library (no user input) Calculator with RS-232 UART I/F Using SDRAM memory Running DE2_NET Example Loop back cable Display sent packets Coding calculator S/W Generating Ethernet packets Integration and Debug

4 SOPC Major Components LCD JTAG UART UART NIOS II core PIO Ethernet

5 System Setup

6 S/W Operation Sequence
Main Initiate Controller and peripherals Register function for interrupt Main loop - Transmit UDP packets with result embedded If packet received – Initiate controller Function: ethernet_interrupts Receiving packet Check IP (screen multicast messages) Read packet data Build numbers Calculate result (print to terminal)

7 NIOS II Terminal Sending packets: Receiving packets:

8 Ethernet Packet Builder
UDP packets Enable entering math exercise

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