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Faith 101 Discovering the Faith Lesson 4: The Person and Work of Jesus Christ.

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1 Faith 101 Discovering the Faith Lesson 4: The Person and Work of Jesus Christ

2 Who is this Jesus? What’s His Name? Jesus (GK) Yeshua (HB) “God Saves” What’s His Title? Christ (GK) Messiah (HB) Chosen or Anointed One He is the One “chosen by God” (Christ) to be our Savior (Jesus)

3 Three Offices of the Anointed One Three Offices established by anointing: Prophet Priest King By fulfilling these offices, Jesus fulfills prophecy and shows he is the Christ.

4 Three Offices of the Anointed One Prophet Foretells Forth-tells Jesus as Our Prophet Jesus is God’s word to Us in flesh and blood to Make God known (John 1:14 & 18; Heb 1:1) He still makes God known through His Messengers (2 Corinthians 5:20)

5 Three Offices of the Anointed One Priest – A Bridge between God and Man (Hebrews 5:1) Jesus is our Great High Priest (Heb. 4:14-16) He is the One mediator between God and Man (1 Tim. 2:5-6) He offered the One Sacrifice (Heb. 10:10-12) He intercedes for us (Romans 8:33-34; 1 John 2:1-2)

6 Three Offices of the Anointed One Three Kingdoms Kingdom of Power – World Kingdom of Grace – Church on Earth Kingdom of Glory – Church in Heaven Jesus is our King (Matthew 28:18-20; Ephesians 1:20-22 2 Tim 4:18)

7 Kingdoms of Jesus on Earth Left Hand – Power (Romans 13) All People belong to Kingdom Purpose – Civil order in society Means – Law Mediators – parents, government, army, policy, teachers all in authority Established in 4 th commandment Right Hand – Grace (Ephesians 1:18-22) Believers in Christ on Earth Purpose – Salvation Means – forgiveness of sins offered in preaching of Word and Administration of Sacraments Mediators – church, pastors, parents, all who teach us the faith Established in Matthew 28:18-20

8 Two Natures At Christmas We Celebrate that in one Person the Divine Nature (Conceived by Holy Spirit) and the Human nature (Born of the Virgin Mary) are united, never to be divided again. Jesus is both God and Man – the perfect bridge between God and Man (John 1:1 and 14; Galatians 4:4ff)

9 And Yet One Person He is as fully God as God the Father and the Holy Spirit. He is as fully human as you or I. Not a 50-50 Split Not a Multiple Personality Disorder Indivisible. Christ is forever a real human person, even now in heaven. Like the Trinity, this doesn’t have to make sense to be true.

10 Jesus the God/Man in One Person He had to be man so He could die, so He could stand in our place He had to be God so He could be without sin and rise again He had to be both to be the perfect bridge between God and man

11 State of Humiliation Not in becoming a man That as a man Jesus does not insist on rights and powers of God (Philippians 2:5-8) Presents Christ the Victim 5 Steps (in the Apostle’s Creed) Conceived by Holy Spirit Born of Virgin Mary Suffered Under Pontius Pilate Crucified, Dead and Buried

12 Christ is our Substitute He takes our place in life – active obedience He lives a perfect life in our place (Matthew 4, Matt 12:29; Hebrews 4:14-15; Hebrews 5:7- 9) He takes our place in death – passive obedience He pays the price for our sins by His death (Luke 22:39-42; Romans 4:25)

13 Death on a Cross Crucifixion is a terrible way to die Real suffering of the Cross is Spiritual

14 He Died for all, the Righteous for the unrighteous Jesus is the scapegoat Jesus is the Lamb without blemish or spot who takes away the sin of the world (1 Peter 1:18-19; John 1:29) Jesus is the suffering servant Isaiah foresaw in Isaiah 53

15 State of Exaltation Not that He is God That as Man He now Shares in the glory and power of God (Philippians 2:9-11) Presents Christ the Victor! 5 Steps (in the Apostle’s Creed) Descended into Hell Rose again the third day Ascended into Heaven Sits at God’s right Hand Comes again to judge

16 Which is More Important? Good Friday and Easter Can’t be separated The Christian faith stands or falls based on what happens that weekend

17 Who is Jesus? Just a good person, a wise teacher? A Liar? A Lunatic? Our Lord?

18 Christ’s Resurrection Shows Jesus is the Son of God His teaching is the truth God accepted the sacrifice of his Son for the world All shall rise

19 As God and Man Jesus Now Reigns over all This is the meaning of His ascension and being seated at God’s right hand Right Hand of God = God exercises all his power through Jesus God has given Him as Head over everything for the church (Eph. 1) We have a Lord and King in Heaven who has walked in our shoes (Hebrews 4:14- 16)

20 Jesus alone is Qualified to Judge us He is God He is man – yet without sin He paid the price All that condemns is unbelief (Matthew 25) As judge Jesus is truly the victor comfort for believer and terror for unbeliever

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