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Philbrown consultancy mobile 07769614021 ISO FOR SMALL BUSINESSES FIRST ISO 9001.

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1 philbrown consultancy mobile 07769614021 ISO FOR SMALL BUSINESSES FIRST ISO 9001

2 philbrown consultancy mobile 07769614021 WHAT IS IT ABOUT It is about continuous business improvement It requires companies to have management procedures in place for all areas of the business The company has to have a quality policy statement Targets for Business improvement have to be in place. These need to be meaningful, measurable and achievable

3 philbrown consultancy mobile 07769614021 What is needed? First I look at how the company deals with enquiries Next how the company responds to these enquiries Finally when orders are received how the company handles the orders Under the Standard this is called order and contract review

4 philbrown consultancy mobile 07769614021 What next How does the company manage their processes? What is needed to provide the customer with what he/she ordered What checks if any need to be made on the product Packaging and dispatch Customer acceptance of the product/service supplied This is called project management

5 philbrown consultancy mobile 07769614021 DESIGN CONTROL Are products from a standard catalogue or are they specific to each customer? Design control is required for bespoke products/services In this case the standard requires design control which involves validating the design before commencing satisfying the order and then verifying with the customer that the finished product/service is fit for purpose. If the customer specifies particular requirements for the product then a test certificate will be needed

6 philbrown consultancy mobile 07769614021 PURCHASING You will need a list of your suppliers These can be suppliers that have been used by your company historically Any new suppliers that you decide to use in the future you should document on what basis you selected them as a supplier. A purchase order record needs to be in place. For supplies bought against specified characteristics a record of how these were confirmed.

7 philbrown consultancy mobile 07769614021 OTHER REQUIREMENTS Customer Complaints recording Customer satisfaction e.g. testimonials and/or repeat business Competence records Control of monitoring and measuring equipment Document control

8 philbrown consultancy mobile 07769614021 NEXT ISO14001 An international environment standard Available to all types of business whether the company has a large effect on the environment or very little effect It is beneficial to those companies where their customers are wanting assurances that the company respects the environment

9 philbrown consultancy mobile 07769614021 WHAT IS IT ABOUT It is standard that examines whether companies are committed to reducing their effect on pollution and use of natural resources including energy and water. What are the different types of pollution? These include Air Water Land Noise Light Waste

10 philbrown consultancy mobile 07769614021 WHAT IS NEEDED I provide a list of all the current environmental legislation to the company A complete Environmental aspect audit against all the different types of pollution is carried out. This identifies the areas of significant pollution Targets are set for reducing the impact in these areas For companies with minimal effect on the environment their current carbon footprint is measured and then targets to reduce the footprint are agreed All targets must be measurable meaningful and achievable

11 philbrown consultancy mobile 07769614021 WASTE All waste generated by the company must be disposed of through a company registered to handle that waste Waste transfer notes are required as a record of waste taken away These records have to be retained for 2 years for general waste and 3 years for special waste If employees of the company carry waste in their vehicles they are required by law to have a waste carriers license Producers selling or importing packaged goods have to register under the packaging regulations

12 philbrown consultancy mobile 07769614021 POLICY STATEMENT The company has to have an environmental policy statement which they are required to make available to all interested parties including general public This is usually provided as a link on the companys website but can be provided as hard copy if you dont have a website

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