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Business Research Methods

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1 Business Research Methods
Problem Definition

2 Problem discovery Selection of exploratory research technique
and Definition Sampling Selection of exploratory research technique Probability Nonprobability Secondary (historical) data Experience survey Pilot study Case study Collection of data (fieldwork) Data Gathering Data Processing and Analysis Editing and coding data Problem definition (statement of research objectives) Data processing Selection of basic research method Research Design Conclusions and Report Interpretation of findings Experiment Survey Observation Secondary Data Study Report Laboratory Field Interview Questionnaire

3 Problem Definition The indication of a specific business decision area that will be clarified by answering some research questions.

4 Defining Problem Results in Clear Cut Research Objectives
Symptom Detection Analysis of the Situation Exploratory Research (Optional) Problem Definition Statement of Research Objectives

5 The Process of Problem Definition
Ascertain the decision maker’s objectives Determine unit of analysis Understand background of the problem Determine relevant variables Isolate/identify the problem, not the symptoms State research questions and objectives

6 Ascertain the Decision Maker’s Objectives
Managerial goals expressed in measurable terms.

7 The Iceberg Principle The principle indicating that the dangerous part of many business problems is neither visible to nor understood by managers.

8 Understand the Background of the Problem
Exercising judgment Situation analysis - The informal gathering of background information to familiarize researchers or managers with the decision area.

9 Isolate and Identify the Problems, Not the Symptoms
Symptoms can be confusing

10 Symptoms Can Be Confusing
Twenty-year-old neighborhood swimming association: Membership has been declining for years. New water park -residents prefer the expensive water park???? Demographic changes: Children have grown up

11 Problem Definition Organization Symptoms Based on Symptom True Problem Twenty-year-old neighborhood swimming association in a major city. Membership has been declining for years. New water park with wave pool and water slides moved into town a few years ago. Neighborhood residents prefer the expensive water park and have negative image of swimming pool. Demographic changes: Children in this 20-year-old neighborhood have grown up. Older residents no longer swim anywhere.

12 Influences of definition
Feedback Specific Objective I Statement of Problem Broad Research Objectives Specific Objective II Research Design Results Exploratory Research (Optional) Specific Objective III

13 Basic Questions - Problem Definition
What is the purpose of the study? How much is already known? Is additional background information necessary? What is to be measured? How? Can the data be made available? Should research be conducted? Can a hypothesis be formulated?

14 Basic Questions - Basic Research Design
What types of questions need to be answered? Are descriptive or causal findings required? What is the source of the data?

15 Basic Questions - Basic Research Design
Can objective answers be obtained by asking people? How quickly is the information needed? How should survey questions be worded? How should experimental manipulations be made?

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