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Edison Arantes do Nascimento

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1 Edison Arantes do Nascimento
“Pele” King of Soccer

2 Who is He??? He is one of the World’s best soccer players.
He is known for bringing a different style of soccer then just passing the ball and shooting at net. He is the King of Soccer

3 Early Life He was born on October 23, 1940 in Tres Coracoes, Brazil.
His real name is Edison Arantes do Nascimento His name Pele came to be because he miss pronounce his favorite soccer players name which was Bile Originally his nick name was Dico

4 Beginning of his Carrier
In 1956 some guy call Brito took Pele to a professional soccer team call Santos. He started to play at the age of 15 and people said “he would be the greatest soccer player in the world” cause of his age. Pele made his debut on September 7, 1956 scoring one goal in a victory over Corinthias 7-1.

5 Playing with Brazil Pele started to play with Brazil at the age of 16.
His first International match was against Argentina on July 7, 1957. He scored his first goal with Brazil that day and made him the youngest player to score an international goal.

6 World Cups Pele made 4 appearances in the world cup with Brazil, In the years 1958,1962,1966, and 1970. He won the world cup 3 times in the years 1958,1962, and 1970. His biggest win was the final in 1970 beating Italy 4-1 and being lifted by the people with world cup .

7 Santos/ New York Cosmos
He won 25 cups with Santos by the end of his carrier with Santos. He scored more than 1 thousand goals. The played two seasons with the New York Cosmos and won the cup the second season he played.

8 Individual Awards Pele won many individual awards like the FIFA golden ball in the world cup of 1970. But the Awards that made him stand out the most is the FIFA, UNICEF and IFFHS soccer player of the century. He was also inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame

9 After Soccer. He was name “Extraordinary Minister of Sports” and he was appointed a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador. He also dedicated him self to an acting carrier filming many documentaries about him and other type of TV shows for Brazil.

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