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Dance and Language Arts (Performing Arts and Literacy Presentation) By Joanne Vazquez.

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1 Dance and Language Arts (Performing Arts and Literacy Presentation) By Joanne Vazquez

2 Body Language Goal To truly understand the meaning of a word is to be able to convey its meaning to someone else. In this 4 week unit plan, students will use body language (movement, shapes, facial expressions) to communicate different vocabulary words to their classmates/group members Objectives Enhance vocabulary and spelling skills through dance Practice spelling and sentence structure Create moving images and movement phrases Communicate with and without words

3 Body Language Expected Learning Outcomes: At the end of this unit lesson students will be able to do the following: –Observe, analyze and interpret movement –Read body language and emotions –Practice spelling and reading of words –Write short stories, poems, etc –Use space and body concepts such as pathways, gestures, levels directions, shapes and relationships to communicate words –Work in a group to create movement and word phrases

4 Body Language Required Materials Word flash cards Timer Pens/pencils/crayons and paper National and State Dance Standard Addressed: Connect Dance and Literacy –a. Use movement to express images, ideas, situations, and feelings read in literature, poetry or from original writing.

5 Body Language Lesson (4 weeks) Class will be organized in groups Each group will be handed a set of flash cards with different words (age/class appropriate) and their definitions The group will assign different jobs to each of their members –communicator, speller/s, guesser/s and timer Group members will rotate each week to make sure each student gets to execute each job at least once. Job descriptions: –Communicator – uses movement to convey the word –Guessers – shout out what they think the word is –Speller – spells the word once it has been correctly identified –Timer – Makes sure the group is on time and on task during each session

6 Body Language Lesson (4 weeks) - continued Each group must identify at least 5 words per session Once session is over the group reviews the words (definition and spelling) Then each group member must construct a sentence or two using the words

7 Body Language End of Unit Each group will put their sentences together in a short story, poem or essay Each group will create a short dance/movement phrase based on their writings from above Share writings and dance with class –G–Group member/s will read aloud their short story, poem etc as accompaniment as other group members dance Other ideas –G–Group members can also sing their story –G–Group members can also decide to draw a picture of what they wrote to accompany the dance and story

8 Discuss and Reflect Teacher and students will reflect on the “Body Language” lesson plan and discuss what worked and what didn’t in order to improve on the lesson

9 The End

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