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2 Key learning objectives 1. By the end of the lecture students will have an appreciation of key study skills. 2. By the end of the lecture students will have an appreciation of key graduate skills.

3 Aim of lecture 1. To introduce students to learning in higher education. 2. To highlight the key skills needed in order to be an effective learner 3. To link learning skills to graduate skills and employability

4 1. Coca-Cola 2. Microsoft 3. IBM 4. GE 5. Intel 6. Disney 7. McDonalds 8. Nokia 9. Toyota 10. Marlboro 67.39 61.37 53.79 44.11 33.50 27.11 25.04 24.04 22.67 22.3 Top 10 Global brands Source: Interbrand /BusinessWeek 2 August 2004 BRAND BRAND VALUE $Billions

5 Insert job ads

6 What Employers want from Graduates Communication and interpersonal skills Organisational skills Self motivation The ability to work as part of a team Problem - solving ability

7 Employer Satisfaction with Graduate Skills Source:AC Neilson Research services Feb 2000 Most commonly cited areas of dissatisfaction Lack of communication skills Lack of interpersonal skills Lack of business practice Lack of problem solving ability Lack of creative flair

8 So how does this relate to studying for my degree? (Source : University of Hertfordshire Graduate skills Menu 1999) Communication Interpersonal Intellectual Practical /applied Marketing/operations Knowledge/ understanding Marketing/ operations specific Generic Self Management

9 Intellectual skills Allow you to make sense of marketing and business operations information you are exposed to and use it for a variety of purposes. EXAMPLE: Problem solving Sales in low fat yogurt have been decreasing in the last two years what might a marketer do about this.? EXAMPLE: Memorising and recalling What do the 4 Ps in the marketing mix stand for ? EXAMPLE: Analysing Using PEST as a tool for analysis explain how they can be used to account for the fall in Marks & Spencer clothing range. EXAMPLE: Questioning Why have Dell been so successful in their distribution of computers ?

10 Practical /Applied: This is information gathering, handling and evaluation. These are used to enhance your understanding of marketing and business operations. EXAMPLE: Information gathering and evaluation Information :Research from BMRB International 2004 30% 35-54 year olds are high spenders on online shopping 45-54 year olds with incomes of more than £50,000 are more likely to be internet users. Evaluation: Big internet spenders are time -poor, cash rich group. A highly attractive segment for an e-retailer.

11 Communication : The process whereby information is shared in the from of knowledge, meaning & feelings. Communication informally/formally requires a range of skills Speaking Listening Reading Writing Non-verbal Graphic

12 Interpersonal Skills Involves an understanding & appreciation of individual differences. It also involves using those differences to your best advantage.Usually to achieve an objective. Involves a number of skills Managing people and resources Assertiveness Teamwork Negotiating Emphasizing Networking

13 Self- management skills Essential skills for an effective learner or marketing /business operations practitioner.Sometimes referred to as ‘Learning to Learn skills’ or ‘Personal Skills’ Self assessment Self reflection Self confidence Self -discipline Engagement Adaptability Responsibility Time management Organizing Career awareness

14 Managing your learning Your path to the most effective learning is through knowing: yourself your capacity to learn understanding the processes you have successfully used in the past Interest and knowledge in the subject a key part of this is recognising your own strengths and weakness. You will be more effective if you recognize your strengths and improve on your weaknesses

15 Where does teaching and learning take place? At University you will come across some of these Teaching and Learning methods: Lectures Seminars Group work Personal study time Reading Library research Information gathering and evaluating

16 So what study skills do I need to be effective? Time management Good note taking & use of notes Working in a groups Reading effectively Academic writing skills Presentation skills Learning from feedback Remembering & understanding Coping with exams and tests

17 So why worry about study skills? In order to be a successful happy student you need to maximize your learning to be: EFFECTIVE EFFICIENT & ENJOYABLE


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