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Pixel Beam Test Offline Code Demo Jianchun Wang 05/01/03.

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1 Pixel Beam Test Offline Code Demo Jianchun Wang 05/01/03

2 Jianchun (JC) Wang2 Tasks and I/O Files tb_controldata_in_filedata_out_filehbk_filerun_id Raw dataeventrun01234.datrun01234.hbk- MC dataeventmcd01234.dtamcd01234.hbk- Raw data + summary summaryrun01234.dattrk01234.datrun01234.hbk- MC data + summary summarymcd01234.dattrk01234.dat- MC generationmcgen-mcd01234.datmcd01234.hbk1234 MC generation + rand. trig. event mcranrunxxxxx.datmcd01234.datmcg01234.hbk1234 Alignmentaligntrk01234.dataln01234.hbk-  Main input file tb_monitor.nml provides controls and definitions to all other I/O files.  All tasks read tb_geometry.dat which provides detector coordinates.  ADC thresholds (or parameter for gain curve for FPIX0) and noises for each channel are read from one file for each plane, e.g. adc_plane1.dat.  Alignment task has two extra file: mn_skip.dat input a list of free parameters, and mn_geometry.dat is the output of the fitted geometry table.

3 05/01/03Jianchun (JC) Wang3 General Description Data Analysis Read in pixel hit data (including MC track), convert ADC counts into charge, form cluster and convert into coordinates, form rough track and perform Kalman filter, write out ntuple and/or track summary file MC Simulation Generate tracks, calculate intersection points on each planes, simulate charge collection and convert it into ADC counts, write out in similar format as real data plus the track information for later study Auto Alignment Read in track summary file (local coordinates and resolutions), go through MINUIT with geometry conversion, for different geometry calculate chi2 for each track, minimize the sum of chi2 and write out new geometry

4 05/01/03Jianchun (JC) Wang4 Example Files  Demonstration PAW macro file manip.kumac: It provides macros to plot or get information out of histogram file. It knows what kind of task the histogram file is generated for, thus all tasks share one file.  Manual alignment macro file align.kumac: It walks you through manual alignment process, generates recommended geometry information in cut-and-paste format. Currently the fit is very basic and expected to fail for real data. I will add better fitting procedure and functions once we have real data to play with, and also provide way for user to involve in the fit.  Example analysis FORTRAN function file anal.f: It is used on CWN ntuple files, since most users are not very familiar with it.  Macro file anal_example.kumac shows how to use anal.f and plot some of the histograms for demo purpose only.  Utility macro file util.kumac contains some macro functions I use as default.

5 05/01/03Jianchun (JC) Wang5 Histogram ID 11100 Geometry parameters 11200 Geometry parameters after alignment 11300 Global parameters and detector parameters 11400 Simulation parameter maps 11500 Charge simulation parameters 21000 Simulated tracks 22000 Simulated hits 31000 Track summary 32000 MINUIT fit 41000 Hit information 42000 Cluster information 43000 Difference of reconstructed hit position and generated position 51000 Form track 61000 Kalman filter

6 05/01/03Jianchun (JC) Wang6 None Power Point Activities  Go through main program monitor.F, explain possibly in details each function in this file.  Generate MC event with and without random trigger event, display with manip.kumac, also show the format of the adc_plane1.dat file.  Run analysis task and display with manip.kumac, leave CWN to the last stage.  Play with manual alignment.  Run auto alignment, show what is in mn_skip.dat file, also explain basic functions in MINUIT.  Show the list of parameters in CWN, demo how to generate anal.f and run the example.

7 05/01/03Jianchun (JC) Wang7 Variables in CWN Track Block ievt, ntrks, n_klm_ok, itrk, klm_ok, x_int, x_slp, y_int, y_slp, chisq, cl, ndof, fixyslp, yclass, nplanes Plane Block (ngeom elements except for ngeom) ngeom, itype, iort_row, nclus, iclus, npix, nrow, ncol, rowb, colb, rowq, colq, eta, sumq, xg, yg, xl, yl, xsig, ysig, xw, yw, zw, rxi, srxi, spxi, ryi, sryi, spyi, rxo, srxo, spxo, ryo, sryo, spyo, xf, yf, rhof, xslp, yslp, infitx, infity Hit Block (nhit elements except for nhit) nhit, ipln, icol, irow, iadc, icls, qval

8 05/01/03Jianchun (JC) Wang8 What is next?  Final event format.  Documentation.  Polishing.  …

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