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REACT Remote Education And Conferencing Tool

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REACT Remote Education And Conferencing Tool Michael & Suzanne Wilson M & S Consultants Pty Ltd Designed & Developed By:

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1 REACT Remote Education And Conferencing Tool
Designed & Developed By: Michael & Suzanne Wilson M & S Consultants Pty Ltd

2 Meeting Educational Goals
High quality video for demonstrations Clear, crisp audio to give students optimum clarity Application sharing Interactive & collaborative Efficient distribution system

3 REACT What is it? What can you do with it? Where can you do it?

4 What is REACT ? REACT is designed for real time synchronous interactive distance learning (IDL) lessons and video conferencing REACT is a multi-party, multi-session, multimedia collaborative software program REACT has loads of multimedia collaborative tools combined into one presentation form REACT does not require expensive infrastructure REACT can be tailored to work over most networks REACT can be tailored to meet client needs Asynchronous is where students access online learning materials at a time that suits them as opposed to synchronous which is done in a real-time classroom situation. Collaborative to get the most interaction and collaboration between participants One presentation form means you don’t have to open and close programs and have numerous windows open – all REACT tools are combined into one presentation form and are accessed by a click of the mouse. We wanted to make REACT affordable and so we designed it to run on everyday computer hardware. The NT has a complicated network using both satellite and terrestrial carriage – supplied by different providers – so we designed the network to us existing carriage services. As the designers and developers of REACT, we can tailor it to meet your needs.

5 What Can You Do With REACT ?
Audio & Video PowerPoint Presentations Chat Collaborative Storyboard Whiteboard & Inking Upload Screenshots Share Applications Share Desktop Share Web Browser File Transfers Play Windows Media Files This is a list of the capabilities or tools that REACT provides.

6 Where Can You Do It? In a Chat Room At Your Desk! Video-Conference
These are Venues that have been created for the School of the Air and are set up in a centralised Venue Server (dedicated desktop computer) Login ID determines access. Studio – dedicated school room set up similar to TV studio – can be run out of a laptop as at Maningrida CEC Chat room – virtual room set aside for student/student or student/teacher chat – maybe after lesson Video-conference – virtual room used for video conferencing At you desk – teacher to teacher meetings, principals meeting. Video-Conference In a Studio

7 REACT Capabilities Audio & Video
Teacher’s Video Conference – from their desks!

8 REACT Presentation Personal Profiles Teacher’s Video

9 Personal Profiles Personalised student attendance in a classroom

10 REACT Capabilities PowerPoint Slides

11 REACT Capabilities Chat

12 REACT Capabilities Whiteboard & Inking

13 REACT Capabilities Collaborative Storyboard Numeracy lesson

14 REACT Capabilities Insert Screenshots Commonwealth Games Torch at KSA

15 REACT Capabilities Student Call In Button Student Hand Up Button Audio

16 Internet Browser Sharing
REACT Capabilities Application Sharing Internet Browser Sharing Desktop Sharing

17 Windows Media Playback
REACT Capabilities Windows Media Playback

18 REACT Capabilities File Transfer

19 REACT in Schools Studios: Katherine School of the Air
Alice Springs School of the Air Northern Territory Open Education Centre Urban Schools: Darwin High Tenant Creek

20 REACT in the Bush First remote studio installed at Maningrida Community Education Centre Delivering culturally relevant IDL lessons to students at Homeland Centres

21 REACT Technical

22 Technical High quality video Crisp, clear audio with lip synch
Low latency codecs used Ability to vary compression & resolution rates Crisp, clear audio with lip synch Ability to change bit rates Interactivity/collaboration P2P theory - everyone can do everything Efficient distribution of course work Multicast – file transfers sent to all Application Sharing & Clear document display It’s all in the code!

23 REACT provides teachers and students with learning options limited only by their imagination…..

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