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Media Music Task Evaluation Sidney Lembe. The Finished Work Front Cover And DPS.

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1 Media Music Task Evaluation Sidney Lembe

2 The Finished Work Front Cover And DPS

3 Finished Work DPS

4 Forms and Conventions  According to my Hip Hop genre I could say that the general convention expected to be used is an artist dressed in expressive clothing, but mine did not follow fashion (in that sense)  As a whole my magazine did not really use the expected conventions, it was a simple pose with a standard black jacket, the only real convention would be the black artist.  But as an overall general music magazine the magazine follows the convention quiet specifically as all the effects and shot used are as expected.  I also found that my magazine had something in particular to most music magazines this was the mood, because the colours used expressed the magazines nature in addition meaning that its a convention which was followed the colour used were bright orange and blue other magazine would either be messy and a lot of thing about (rock) or just smooth and clean (R"n"B/Hip Hop) even opera, but there are some which are not expressive...  The black artist was also on of the ways I used the convention.

5 Representational Issues  I think that my magazine represent social group in a good light, basically because of the content within the magazine it shows/talks about a black artist achieve and normally that social group I know of less of achievement, but at the same time, its also conforming to what expected as it talks about the artists past life what was street/gang related background, this part would be representation the social in a bad way.  Another social group that my magazine would represent is the public of hip hop listeners, so basically meaning that the magazine shines a light on the black industry because due to the background suggested about the artist, it would reflect on the younger generation as having that type of background.

6 Institutions  There could be various institutions that could sell/distribute my magazine, one could simply be Tesco, they could give the magazine free and for under £1 for over 7 products bought, another could be a club giving out the magazine, which would put the magazine out there into the community allowing it to become a word of month so the magazine spreads and becomes know, and using a club in particular would be useful because not only is there music played there, but also that a lot of the people there would listen to possible hip hop  The post office could also be of good assistance, because they spreads far around the country, and they could more my magazine around quiet easily.  They could also be given in schools a prize or for 20p and also to inspire, because to due to the positive out come of he artist I think that it would be good to inspire those younger would are possibly caught up it the wrong system, and distributed in colleges preferably as well, also because the younger generation would be like to have a great interest in Hip Hop and music

7 Target Audience  The magazine was meant to appeal to 14-24 year olds(A ten year gap)  I do believe that it did so in a good fashion as the magazine is expressive and at the same time formal in addition from the audience research I can now say yes because before the research suggested that a use of colour should be taken in account and other factors and most have been appealed give a positive result.  I can also say that the language used is fine a decent not “easy” but decent and also still readable, I also think that the scheme and layout is good, so its also coherent and understandable to the age group.  So I still do believe that the target audience would remain the same and would be correct plus capture the age group.

8 Addressing the readership  To actually gain interest from my audience I really don't think that there were any “real” strict guidelines that needed to be followed.  But the way in which they appealing to them was the colour scheme for the younger age (14) and by the feature articles (24) and as so of the in-between, in addition the vital information that was put their for the younger group was the background for the artist “JIFY” so the sell line “from his street life to his dream life” this would entice the age group.  I also think the layout plays a good part in promoting the magazine because although it was formal it also have a male artist on the front surrounded by bight colour and as the men or boys would have been put off by the colour, seeing the artist would have changed mains and switched opinions.

9 Technical/Construction Issues  Firstly the photography formality was very essential because unlike any shot it also most needed a propose, or connote something plus be good and formal (in my case),furthermore the shots also needed to be clear and useful.  And the photography still have to shine and standout because its not all about the effects the shots can also be good and make the magazine look good, so now unlike before I can now say that photography within a magazine is essential.  Moving out the software in my case Photoshop I have to learn and understand that sometimes small and clean effects are what look better, unlike over photos hoping, this was a great feature because it pulls or looks more into the photography importance.  In a way I think that I was pushed into think about what i was doing not to over do the work, the magazine had to look clean and neat and also professional and I found that I pulled it off well also give the fact that I have never designed and magazine, in addition the software skills were pulled in a different direction and whole other type of editing was needed, so airbrushing for example this is not commonly used, and also like mild background colour editing was effective and would not also be used so its almost like trying to get the most other of what you have in a positive way.  So basically the constructing cannot be overdone a well addressed plan should be done, to able expansion of general planned idea giving you a base.

10 Comparisons between prelim and main tasks  In my case the school magazine gave me ideas on how to go on about making a music magazine, it also helped to recognise the problems and situational factors that how arise (like a test run).  And I also learned to understand the different moods or ages you could use as in my previous school magazine the front cover was overly expressive.  The colours and how they were used are also different because the music magazine front cover have expressive colours but it was used appropriately, adding to the different in formality.  It made me aware of how to capture the audience which was the sell lines and what its actually about, therefore the school magazine task was a good way to test what we already knew and improve then last of the achieve, what the music magazine.  I was also useful because I was able to look and remember certain feedback which I could avoid to giving the magazine I have now.

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