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1 Project Manager Report Andy Nichols, STFC – RAL MICE Collaboration Meeting, Harbin, 13-17th January 2009.

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1 1 Project Manager Report Andy Nichols, STFC – RAL MICE Collaboration Meeting, Harbin, 13-17th January 2009

2 2 Contents: Achievements since CM22 Decay solenoid & target Infrastructure Cooling channel elements Preparations for Phase Two Project Organisation

3 3 Achievements since CM22 Briefly: –Both shield walls complete (except for four plates, delivery 23 Jan) and painted –All galleries and stairways installed –TOF1 installed and commissioned –Sliding beamstopper at DSA working –DSA roof and walkways installed (at long last) –Significant progress with false floor –LH2 project has ‘re-started’ –RF cavities ready to start manufacture –Air conditioning project started –Online Group formed More detail will follow later in the week I’m sure

4 4 Decay solenoid & target Decay solenoid –Currently the top priority for MICE right now! –Linde cooling plant is working reliably with adequate cooling power –But the solenoid still has coil 10 normally conducting –Can take ~ 200 amps before quenching –Powering tests being done, much voltage data taken, being analysed now –Dismantling being planned: Part removal of cold mass Hardware is complete Experts from PSI should be present –If we have to remove cryostat from synchrotron aperture, we compromise shielding No work in Hall! –So we are building a steel shield inside synchrotron, finish 20 th Jan –Aim to get solenoid working by end March

5 5 Decay solenoid & target Target: –Another popular issue! –The installed target in ISIS has given very good service, but failed terminally in December –Due to be extracted 10 th January, subject to radiation survey we can then examine it – very interesting to compare with seized off-line target –In any case, the target upgrade is now a robust plan: –Time constrains us to keep with current reciprocating blade running in bearings configuration –But shaft will be simplified and made stiffer –Bearings simplified –Shaft/bearing interface better controlled –Surface finish and coatings better understood and controlled –More detail from Chris

6 6 Infrastructure South Shield Wall –All plates are on and painted –LH2 gallery is complete North Shield wall –All plates on and painted, (except four! Delivery 23 Jan) –RF gallery and stairways installed False floor –A few problems, drilling floor anchors – hard bits in concrete floor and struck water – about three weeks’ delay all fixed now though –Steel fabrication is complete –Floor installation complete 31 st Jan DSA walkways and roof –After a long saga – done Air conditioning –Tender action has started – timetable made to complete North-East corner of Hall by 31 st March 2009 – vital for operation of Linde plant

7 Infrastructure Electrical & PPS –Is going much better now –Regular attendance by DL staff –Ian Mullacrane has thoughtfully collected the tasks and made milestones – monthly progress meetings now alternate between DL & RAL –Non DL electrical effort continues to be a worry Fire alarms Lighting upgrade Smoke detection Are all now quite late 2 MVA Substation upgrade –Lower cost option (£50K) worked out by DL engineers –Approved by both STFC electrical authority and MICE TB –Strictly a non-MICE cost – hopeful for funding by STFC Operations Board –It’s a significant open issue

8 8 Cooling channel elements Focus Coils –Good progress with Tesla Engineering, more useful design review held –Problems with coil former getting clearer –But about two month delay in schedule RFCC –Good progress with coil winding –Successful Production-Readiness Review of cavities in October – essentially ready for manufacture LH2 system –R&D hardware manufacture has re-started after visits to vendor –Control system philosophy is being understood better – this must be reported back to MICE formally –Recruitment has been approved for STFC LH2 project: One engineer/scientist (March 2009) One graduate mechanical engineer (summer 2009)

9 9 Preparations for Phase Two Planning & organisation: –Many thanks to those who provided milestone dates and review material at CM22 –Enabled a detailed project plan to be started – but I’m still working on it – However, Alain’s aspirational schedule is based on it Practicalities –CAD drawings of each discrete MICE step are making progress –These will form top level integration document –Integration/design team have visited DL to think about installing RF amplifiers (not so easy) –Have also had useful exchange with RFCC group – this will be the most complicated bit –Manufacture of Phase Two subsystems seems to be going pretty well on the whole

10 10 Project Organisation Not much to say here: –MICE EB agreed that the TB should also be responsible for local safety policy – new members co-opted, two meeting held so far –Throughput of visitors increasing, no real problems though –Rose Hayes now established as Liaison Officer –There have been some breaches of the CDM rules in the MICE Hall; these must stop! The PM and Principal Contractor are working on ways to reinforce the procedures –Online Group has been formed –A revised Target working Group established

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