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1 Welcome to American Express Financial Advisors _____________________________ The Company of Choice.

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1 1 Welcome to American Express Financial Advisors _____________________________ The Company of Choice

2 2 American Express A leader worldwide 8Trusted for value, quality and service 8Known for American Express cards, traveler’s checks, travel services 8But also a pioneer in financial planning 8Well-positioned to be a leader in financial services in the U.S. and around the world

3 3 Financial Planning A Growing Industry & A Great Career 8Increased interest in stocks & investing 8More 401(k)’s, IRA’s, retirement plans 8Internet: more doing it themselves 8Yet - more complex financial situations with an increased need for help 8How to deal with retirement planning, 401(k) rollovers, paying for college, major purchases and life decisions 8American Express Financial Advisors is uniquely positioned to help

4 4 Financial Advisors at American Express 8Help clients identify financial goals & needs, and then take action to realize their dreams 8Offer a wide array of financial products and services 8The heart of relationships with clients is financial planning 8Our approach differentiates us from our competitors

5 5 The Financial Advisor’s Role 8Locate clients 8Set appointments 8Meet with clients 8Analyze information 8Recommend and sell 8Provide service 8Help coach other advisors

6 6 Financial Advisor - A Great Career - But It’s Not for Everybody To succeed & thrive as a financial advisor takes unique skills, abilities & perspective. The job requires: 8Initiative 8Ability to market to locate clients 8Strong interpersonal skills 8Communications & persuasive ability 8Analytical ability 8Persistence & Resilience 8Entrepreneurial perspective The job can take hard work & long hours - especially at first

7 7 Getting Started as a Financial Advisor To be appointed as a “Client-Ready Advisor” - able to meet with clients and sell, you need to: 8Pass all exams & receive needed NASD and state securities licenses 8Receive a satisfactory background investigation 8Successfully complete initial training 8Meet Pre-Client Ready activity requirements

8 8 Two Options as you begin You can choose how to prepare & do initial training: 8“Sponsorship and Self-Study” 8“Immediate Hire, then Licensing” Choose what’s best for you at the time of an offer

9 9 Extensive Initial Training - whichever path you choose 8Marketing 8AEFA Sales Techniques 8Product Knowledge 8Technology 8Financial Planning 8Quality of Advice 8Regulatory Compliance 8 Foundations of selling 8 Relationship selling 8 Emotional competence Activity to be client ready: 8 Set client appointments 8 Self-generated leads 8 Mastery of client interview skills

10 10 Rewarded for What You Do: Competitive Pay & Benefits Compensation: 8Hourly pay + overtime during initial training - when you are employed as a “PCR” advisor 8Draw & GDC Bonus as a Client Ready Advisor 8Commissions need to exceed draw to succeed Benefits: 8Comprehensive benefits - Many effective the first day of hire: medical, dental, life insurance, paid time off, etc. 8Others effective after one year: Co. 401(k) contribution, retirement, profit sharing, etc.

11 11 We are selective 8We use a multi-phase selection process 8Includes a Career Suitability Profile, In- depth Assessment, & a Career Preview to give you realistic information about the career and our expectations We want to be sure that this career is the right fit - for you and us - so that you can be successful as a financial advisor

12 12 NEXT STEPS Complete the “Career Suitability Profile” 8Multi-part inventory on a computer disk 8Takes about 30 - 45 min. to complete 8We will contact you about next steps in the process if there appears to be a fit Thank you for your interest in the financial advisor career at American Express Financial Advisors

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