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S/W meeting 18 October 2007RSD 1 Remote Software Deployment Nick West.

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1 S/W meeting 18 October 2007RSD 1 Remote Software Deployment Nick West

2 S/W meeting 18 October 2007RSD 2 Overview RSD is a framework for remote software installation. For Library Developers –It standardises the writing of 2 scripts:- To assemble a tar (usually source) of the library on the local machine. To install/validate the library given its tar file on a remote machine. For End Users:- –It allows complete applications (software stacks) to be installed on un-primed remote machines with a single command.

3 S/W meeting 18 October 2007RSD 3 Some Definitions A Library –The basic building block. –Libraries are specified with the syntax: name:version e.g. mysql:5.0.22 –An RSD library may consist of multiple linux libraries. For example root is considered to be a single RSD library. An Application –Is a library stack i.e. a sequence of specified libraries built in order. For example the application minossoft:S07-09-20-R1-26-build_1 contains:- dcap:v2_39_sl3.0.3_Linux+2.4libsigc++:1.2.5 mysql:5.0.22 root:v5-16-00 minossoft:S07-09-20-R1-26

4 S/W meeting 18 October 2007RSD 4 How RSD Works Assemble: The Library Developer –Creates scripts to assemble and install libraries. RSD uploads them onto the web. Launch/Install: The End User –Defines applications built from the libraries and launches a job to a remote machine. –On the remote machine a bootstrap script first downloads RSD, then the required libraries and installs the application and returns build results.

5 S/W meeting 18 October 2007RSD 5 RSD: The Developer Perspective RSD doesn’t solve the problem of library installation –but it provides a framework for script writing so it only has to be done once! For tar file assembly script –It provides a workspace. –It uploads the tar file. For the library installation script –It provides access to all supporting libraries i.e. those below the library on the software stack. –It provides simple tools to log the operation of the script. –It provides a standard place for scripts to be used be end user to setup the library.

6 S/W meeting 18 October 2007RSD 6 RSD: The End User Perspective… Simple installation operation –For example the command:- rsd launch \ minossoft:S07-09-20-R1-26-build_1-SL4 submits an LCG GRID job using Ganga to build the specified application on the RAL T1 CE using queue lcgpbs-minosL Simple removal operation –Using the “remove” command e.g. rds launch \ --remove minossoft:S07-09-20-R1-26-build_1-SL4 Transparent library sharing –Libraries are built in the context of the supporting libraries. –Before installing a new library RSD checks to see if one with the right version and context already exists and reuses it if found. –Libraries are automatically removed once all applications that share them have been removed.

7 S/W meeting 18 October 2007RSD 7 RSD: …The End User Perspective Basic platform support –RSD identifies the platform (currently just SL3/4) and makes that part of the library context and application build name. –So the same file system can be shared between different platforms without the risk that RSD will mix libraries across platforms. Validated installation –Using the validation step of each library install script. Simple build optimisation –Before running a full install of a library that has been built before RSD first attempts to validate. –So if installation fails late in the software stack the next RSD install job will simply validate supporting libraries and will skip their re-installation. Limited remote job submission –Currently either To the local machine. Via Ganga to either PBS or LCG grid. Software tag publishing –When installing/removing on an LCG GRID machine RSD will use the tool lcg- ManageVOTag to either publish or withdraw software tags. (Software tags allow users to target production jobs to batch farms with the required software).

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