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Articulations Chapter 8.

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1 Articulations Chapter 8

2 Structural Classification of Joints
Fibrous no joint cavity, bones held together with collagen fibers Cartilagnous no joint cavity, bones held together with cartilage Synovial have a “synovial” cavity, bones held together with an enclosed capsule & ligaments

3 Functional Classification of Joints
Synarthroses (singular = synarthrosis) Immovable joints Amphiarthroses (singular = amphiarthrosis) Slightly movable joints Diarthroses (singular = diarthrosis) Freely movable joints

4 Suture: a fibrous synarthrosis

5 Synchondrosis: a cartilaginous synarthrosis

6 Syndesmosis: a fibrous amphiarthrosis

7 An amphiarthrotic synchondrosis

8 Symphysis: a cartilaginous amphiarthrosis

9 Synovial Joints

10 The shoulder joint

11 Types of Movements Possible at Synovial Joints

12 Gliding

13 Flexion Flexion decreases the angle of a joint

14 Extension Extension increases the angle of a joint

15 Extension of the shoulder

16 Hyperextension moves a joint beyond the usual extended angle

17 Movements of the neck

18 Special movement of the ankle

19 Abduction, Adduction & Circumduction

20 Rotation

21 Special movements of the antebrachium

22 Special movements of the foot

23 You can do this with your hips & shoulders too!

24 Also possible with shoulders (but not hips)

25 Ok?

26 Types synovial joints

27 Hinge joints These are uniaxial.
Examples include the elbow, knee and phalanges.

28 Pivot Pivot joints are uniaxial.
The proximal radioulnar joint is the best example.

29 Condyloid joints Condyloid joints are often biaxial.

30 Saddle joints Saddle joints are biaxial.

31 Ball and Socket Multiaxial ball & socket joints allow the greatest range of motion.

32 Structural Details of Some Synovial Joints

33 The Shoulder

34 Capsule of the shoulder

35 The Hip

36 Extracapsular ligaments of the hip a.

37 Extracapsular ligaments of the hip b.

38 The Elbow

39 The Elbow b.

40 The Elbow reverse view

41 The Knee

42 Anterior view of the knee

43 Extracapsular ligaments of the knee

44 Common knee injury

45 ACL replacement

46 No Mas

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