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Department of Economics and Finance BBA Program Majors.

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1 Department of Economics and Finance BBA Program Majors

2 EF Major Program Leaders BBA – BEDr. Clement Wong BBA – FDr. Zhenmin Fang BBA – FE Dr. James Wang

3 BBA Program (103 - 108 hours) FB Core Courses 43 hrs English Language 6  8 hrs Chinese Civilization 6 hrs Major Courses36 hrs Business Economics Finance Financial Engineering Minor or Elective Courses12  15 hrs

4 B.B.A. (Hons.) in Business Economics

5 Business Economics Aims To train business economists who can apply economic theories to: (1) support managerial decision making and (2) formulate business strategies and economic policies within the business environment in the Asia-Pacific region

6 Business Economics Objectives Understand the economic & business environment in the Asia-Pacific region Develop a solid training in basic economic theories & know how to apply them to your area of expertise Master the quantitative skills needed to interpret & analyze economic data Communicate your recommendations to decision makers effectively

7 Program Structure Core Courses Broad-based knowledge Accounting, management, marketing, economics, finance, quantitative, law Communications/language Chinese communications, interactive skills workshop Regional focus China business workshop

8 Program Structure Required Major Courses Basic Economics Theories Applied Micro and Macro theories Quantitative skills Math for Econ & Finance, Econometrics, Business Forecasting Regional focus Economies of China & HK Asia-Pacific economies

9 Program Structure Areas of Expertise You can choose TWO out of the following five areas: 1. International Trade & Finance 2. Banking & Financial Markets 3. Industry Analysis 4. Urban & Real Estate Market 5. Economic strategy & Experimental Economics

10 Program Structure Minors or Electives To broaden your horizon, the BBA program provides a wide range of minors or electives for you to choose from. Currently, 19 minors are available. Examples E-commerce, logistics & supply chain mgt, law, human resources mgt, personal financial planning

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