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Academics and Research Working Group Teaching Future Generations.

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1 Academics and Research Working Group Teaching Future Generations

2 Mission To educate and facilitate interaction between faculty, staff, students, and community. We will create, disseminate, and assess knowledge using sustainable practices through classroom instruction, research, service learning, and visual and performing arts.

3 Who are we? –Professor –Executive Director of CCBER –Lecturer –Instructional Development –Budget & Finance Analyst, Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor –Sustainability Coordinator

4 Academic Senate Working Group on Sustainability Academics and Research Working Team of the CSP Committee on Undergraduate Environmental Education Campus Sustainability Plan = (CSP)

5 Background

6 Talloires Declaration Establish programs to produce expertise in environmental management, sustainable economic development, population, and related fields… … to ensure that all university graduates are environmentally literate and responsible citizens.

7 Talloires Declaration Create programs to develop the capability of university faculty to teach environmental literacy to all undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students.

8 Talloires Declaration Convene school deans and environmental practitioners to develop research, policy, information exchange programs, and curricula for an environmentally sustainable future.

9 Talloires Declaration Establish partnerships with primary and secondary schools to help develop the capability of their faculty to teach about population, environment, and sustainable development issues.

10 UCSB Strategic Academic Plan 2007-2025 The Environment was named as one of the key four interdisciplinary themes for the campus, along with Global and International Issues, The Academy and Society and Digital Studies

11 United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014)

12 Current Practices; Curriculum Environmental Studies and Donald Bren School Literature and the Environment Program Curriculum Development Projects ME 197 Project Course New emphasis in Geography Sustainability Internship Program

13 Current Practices; Research Leading research in solar energy technology and LED lighting, sustainable development, world agriculture and more Science outreach programs, MSI, Chemistry, Endeavor Center, Kids in Nature, etc… Laboratory Research And Technical Staff (LabRATS)

14 Goals for this year Complete a Baseline Assessment using surveys of faculty and students Formalize the Academic Senate Working Group on Sustainability Propose several resolutions on sustainability to Academic Senate via the new working group

15 Goals for this year Increase access to and knowledge of existing resources related to sustainability, curriculum and research Publicize the work already being done

16 Long Term Vision All faculty, staff and students in every department and division at UCSB will employ fully sustainable classroom and curriculum practices. UCSB will become an innovator in developing instructional techniques and practices to become a fully sustainable campus Will become a role model for all educational institutions.

17 Contact Katie Maynard Sustainability Coordinator, Curriculum, Research and Student Engagement 805-893-2003

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