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Graduate Studies in Technology School of Technology Eastern Illinois University.

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1 Graduate Studies in Technology School of Technology Eastern Illinois University

2 The graduate program in Technology prepares students to become successful leaders in today's technological and global environment. The mission is on leadership…


4 How can the graduate program help me? w Gain knowledge of Technology in depth. w Improve skills of problem solving, quality/productivity, project and task management. w Improve communication skills. w Improve leadership and teamwork ability.


6 Enjoy Successful Careers Production Manager Manufacturing Engineer Quality Assurance Engineer Quality Manager/Director Industrial Designer Plant Manager Employment Manager w Typical positions held by former graduates include: Program Development Coordinator Training Coordinator/Director Training Consultant/Specialist Human Resources Manager Career and Technology Education Teacher School Librarian Technology Director/Coordinator


8 How long will it take for me to complete a program? w Regular degree program requires a total of 32 hours. w Certificate programs require 18 hours. w Most full time students complete in one year (3 semesters). w Typical working students complete the degree in 2.5 years.


10 Where can I take the classes? w On Campus w Off Campus sites: Champaign/Urbana Danville Decatur Effingham Olney Robinson … w Internet online delivery

11 Areas of Study in MS Technology w Technology Management w Training and Development w Career and Technical Education w Computer Technology

12 Focused Fast Track Study: Certificate Programs w Quality Systems (18 hours) w Work Performance Improvement (18 hours) w Computer Technology (18 hours) w Technology Security (18 hours)

13 Curriculum in MS Technology w Non-thesis option 32 hours course work including Certification of Comprehensive Knowledge (1 hour independent study) w Thesis option 30 hours including 6 hours of thesis work (24 hours course work). w Certificate program Runs concurrently with regular degree program.


15 Required Core Courses w TEC 5103 - Science and Technology of Leadership w TEC 5133 - Total Quality Systems w TEC 5143 - Research in Technology w TEC 5173 - Global Technology


17 Graduate Assistantships w Gain working experience as a graduate assistant. w Supervise the assigned lab(s). w Work hours: 14-19 hours per week. w Monthly stipend: $775 per month for nine months w Tuition waiver for one year (three semesters).

18 Questions Peter Ping Liu, Ph D, PE, OCP, CQE and CSIT Professor, Coordinator of Graduate Study Office: 4032 Klehm Hall (217)581-6267

19 Thank you for your attention!

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