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MSc project specification Unit PJ45P Dr Jim Briggs

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1 MSc project specification Unit PJ45P Dr Jim Briggs

2 Project schedule (FT) Allocation –April/May Doing –Agree specification –Start full-time Monday 7 th June 2004 Reporting –RECTP presentations: September –Project report: Friday 17th September

3 Project allocation process All projects need a client Proforma for ideas to be “approved” Ideas go into a database Students pick from the list Matchmaking “Own” ideas limited to student who owns it

4 Clients Sources –External –Elsewhere in University –Internal to department –Student suggested Continuity and respect Proforma to be completed:

5 Ideas database Read the ideas Choose up to 3 After a week: –0 => keep it open –1 => assign student to project –>1 => supervisor/client chooses based on student application Everything happens quickly! Revise choices if one of yours goes or a new one is posted

6 Once assigned… See supervisor to make contact Draft project specification Have it agreed (signed) by –You –Supervisor –Client Deadline: 7 th June 2004

7 All projects solve problems Build a tool to achieve a task Find the best way of doing something Take something and make it better Answer an important question Who is the customer? How can the problem be solved?

8 Devise a solution to a problem define objectives acquire information establish criteria plan determine process adopt methodologies analyse requirements use tools construct artefacts evaluate solutions report work

9 Specification and planning What are your aims and objectives? What are the constraints on you? What is your approach the problem? What are the main tasks to carry out? How long will each take? Where do I start looking for information? Review and be flexible

10 Structure of the specification 1.Outline of the project environment 2.The problem to be solved 3.Breakdown of tasks 4.Project deliverables 5.Requirements 6.Project plan

11 Aims and objectives Aim: usually a statement that you are going to solve the problem Objectives: break the aim down –be specific –have objectives that are measurably achievable Constraints: things that prevent you having a free rein

12 Generic objectives  eliciting, analysing and specifying the precise requirements of any artefact to be built  surveying the literature to find similar problems and/or their solutions and/or similar artefacts  designing the artefact  implementing the artefact and getting it to work  evaluating the artefact to see whether it is any good  delivering the artefact to the customer

13 Writing your specification identify you, your supervisor and project unit provisional project title short description of the problem to be solved and its background the overall aim of the project the specific objectives to be met the constraints imposed on you in meeting the objectives short description of your proposed approach to solving the problem a list of the major activities to be undertaken in the course of the project a list of the starting points that you intend for your research (e.g. specific books or papers in journals, existing reports or documents, online resources) a project schedule (e.g. Gantt chart or similar) showing the timescales allotted for each major activity (no need for this to be very detailed)

14 Deadlines and modes

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