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North Country Transit 31 Pleasant St. Suite 100 Berlin NH 03570 Tri County CAP Inc., “We Take You Places”

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1 North Country Transit 31 Pleasant St. Suite 100 Berlin NH 03570 Tri County CAP Inc., “We Take You Places”

2 North Country Transit  North Country Transit is a program under Tri County Community Action. We are located Berlin New Hampshire, in the heart of the White Mountains.

3 North Country Transit  Provide transportation services to the elderly, disabled, and general public.  Public Access Routes  Demand Response/Door to Door Service  Signature Senior Trips  Non Emergency/Long Distance Medical

4 North Country Transit  Serves all of Coos County  And parts of Grafton County  Currently working to implement a public system in Carroll County public system in Carroll County

5 Presentation Focus Presentation Focus  3 projects I have undertaken to implement and/or improve transit in rural New Hampshire  Working with “grassroots committees” on the projects  Project similarities

6 North Country Transit  Tri-Town Public Transit Route

7 Tri Town Public Transit System  The Planning for this system began in 2000  It was planned as a Flexible Route System connecting three rural towns  Federal funding was a primary source for operations through the Jobs Access and Reverse Commute (JARC)

8  System operations began in 2006.  Rideship has tripled since inception.

9 FTA PILOT PARTICIPATION PROGRAM  NCT received funding for 1 out of 7 grants awarded nationally  Focus was on putting together an educational program on coordination of services in rural areas for productivity and financial efficiency.  Goals of the program are to resolve territorial concerns, vehicle sharing restrictions, program funding issues for transportation services to clients, and various other concerns.

10  Other goals: –merging maintenance and repairs –bulk purchasing of supplies for cost savings –consistency in staff and driver training –quality service provision –better data management –easier resource for riders to access services through a one call center.

11  Provide a more productive and efficient service  The public meetings from this project were instrumental in beginning transit summits to promote transportation coordination throughout New Hampshire.  The project is recognized in Washington by the Federal Transit Administration.

12 Carroll County Public Transit Implementation Project  Awarded a feasibility study from USDA through an application submitted to CTAA  Development of a Transit Advisory Committee  Began raising funds to purchase capital  Awarded a 1 year grant to fund a Project Manager position  Working to implement a system in the county by 2010

13 Project Similarities  They all started from scratch because of need  They all need positive leadership  They all need support (committee & financial)

14 Key to success is support  Recruit committee members –Research the potential service area to find out who needs the service. –Research the internet for service providers in your area. –Look into how local government works in your town and counties and ask to present your idea. Invite those officials to you meetings

15 –Contact employment agencies. Do they have potential clientele that could work if they had transportation? –Join resource groups who provide services to clients. Their clients may be your passengers!

16 –Invite representatives from the DOT, DHHS, hospitals, human service agencies, social service organizations, volunteer groups, general public, other transit providers (public and private).

17 Key to Recruiting and Retaining Committee Members  Need a Project Manager  Begin with Press Releases, Radio Announcements, and Local Television and keep it ongoing

18  Plan a kick off event and invite your potential supporters –Make the event big –Send out invitations –Provide Refreshments –Call and remind people of the event a week before

19 Key to Acquiring Funding  Contact businesses. Your service may be the solution they need to get employees to and from work.  Contact possible funding sources DOT, HHS, and other possible funders. They will know what funds are available.  Put an article in the local papers explaining the project and how you would welcome people to participate. Really highlight the need and the groups of people who will benefit from the service.

20  Put together a newsletter and keep people updated. Include every positive aspect of the project as it progresses.  Get written statements from people or interview those who need the service and include them in newspaper articles and newsletters.  Ask those wanting the service to attend meetings/presentations and ask them to speak. Their support will be needed to get local funds.

21 Moving forward:  Need to continue recruiting members and supporters  Need to continually represent your service at meetings  Need to keep the media informed  Need to remain positive  And…..

22 Finally…. All of these things come from believing that what you are doing will make a difference to society in a positive way and because you care!

23 ThankYou

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