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Power of Social Media Reflections by Kelvin J. Twissa.

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1 Power of Social Media Reflections by Kelvin J. Twissa

2 Agenda 1. Introduction 2. What is Social Media 3. Tradition & Digital Media 4. Virtual Communities 3. Blogging 4. Way forward for Tanzania

3 Social Media = Social Mess? Social networks look like a random mess (thus a waste of time)  Defined Social media are primarily internet and mobile based tools used for sharing and discussions among humans.  TOOLS for sharing and discussing  ACTIVITIES that integrate technology and social interactions  INTERACTIONS that builds shared meanings among communities.

4 Social Media Ecosystem Social MediaActivitiesInteractionsTools

5 Through Social Media, people build their online…  Presence  Credibility  Identity  Authority  Reputation  Influence

6 Traditional Media Newspapers Magazines Television Radio Books CDs DVDs A box of photos Physical paper mail catalogs Yellow pages

7 Digital Media Cellphones Compact Disc Digital Video E-book Internet Minidisc Video games

8 Social Media Blogging Social Networking Wikis Bookmarking Photosharing Calendaring Tagging Podcasting Microblogging

9 Social Media  Traditional Media cant be changed, once printed that’s it.  You cant comment on a newspaper story for others to read  You can get a sense of popularity of your material  You can view all previous posts instantly in an archive  No need for a committee to agree to publish  Infinite in time, space and schedule  Can be linked and syndicated and easily reused

10 Online ObjectiveInfluenceAuthority Reputation Identity Credibility Presence Rise to the top

11 What can you learn How do people feel about you or your brand? What is being discussed? Who’s talking? Are they influential? Is my marketing working? Are my product/services working? How do we engage in the conversation?

12 Virtual Communities  A virtual community is a social network of individuals who interact through specific media.  Cross geographical and political boundaries  Pursue mutual interests or goals Time spent on social networking sites has increased from three hours a month to 5.5 hours in the last year, representing an 82% increase in the use of social media, according to a NielsenWire report.

13 Largest Growing Continent  Facebook has over 400 million users (US population is 309 million)  70% are outside the United States  Growing at rate of over 20 million users monthly  Companies in Africa are starting to create a facebook presence  New market place for businesses worldwide  Attention to this technology improves brand images, allows for high level targeted marketing and better service.

14 Why blog? 1.Content is King 2.Desperately seeking Answers 3.Blog structures 4.Backlinking, Plugins, Pinging, RSS Feeds, Comments 5.Hello World 6.Create instant and Comprehensive Information 7.All Roads should lead to your blog 8.Get $$$ from advertisers

15 Blogs in Africa  While ahead of UG, Tanzania has a huge opportunity for growth.  Popular blogs in Africa;  News  Entertainment  Health  Travel  Education  Technology


17 It Aint A mess!

18 Tanzania Figures Source; TAMP Report 2009 by Synovate

19 Who are using the net? Internet weekly usage Source; TAMP Report 2009 by Synovate

20 What does this mean? 1.People in Tanzania are starting to get connected 2.Up market and educated are the only majority of internet users  Great Marketing Opportunity  Build on social networking influence 3.Rural access increasing  Unique opportunities to drive economic development  Opportunity all service providers 4.No Limits – Geographical Boundaries, Time, Space 5.Need to encourage social media for social and economic development  Connecting with similar success story 6.Social Media has the highest influence on the population  Use for Education

21 Presented by Kelvin J. Twissa THANK YOU

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