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Sue Scott Technology Librarian Creating an Online Presence.

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1 Sue Scott Technology Librarian Creating an Online Presence

2 Why? Hobby or Business Photographer Writer Enthusiast (wine, food, travel, family) Artist Volunteer Groups (Boy Scouts etc.) Pets

3 What is Blogging? Blog posts have a subject, header and body Posts are actually arranged in reverse chronological order, which means that when you visit a blog on the web, the latest story will appear at the top of the website. Blog posts most usually have comments - a way that readers can respond to what's been said. Blogging invites conversation. Blog posts have a time and date stamp - so that readers know how recent the post is. Good Blogging assumes you will write something new at least once a day

4 WYSIWYG Yola Webnode Doodlekit Wix Weebly Wordpress Blogger

5 Where to get Ideas / pictures ? Royalty Free picture sites: InterArtCenter What are your interests? Bloggers try to find a niche audience. Write about experiences, or sift through and edit information. What are you passionate about? What motivates you? Begin your blog from there.

6 Wordpress From Zero to Hero ( Blog Style

7 Yola Gallery Style 1GB of storage and a 15MB limit on individual file uploads Professional Services Wedding Personal Residential & Commercial Service Creative Arts Other Food & Dining Pet Services Blank Health & Fitness Educational Beauty & Spa Organizations & Groups Fashion & Accessories Travel & Tourism your-first-site/13-tutorial-create-your-home-page/6/78/475 your-first-site/13-tutorial-create-your-home-page/6/78/475

8 Drag and Drop

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