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Publishing on the WWW Web Site Testing, Promotion and Maintenance.

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1 Publishing on the WWW Web Site Testing, Promotion and Maintenance

2 Site development is an ongoing process A web site is rarely a static page. The initial development signifies the start of a continual development process (maintenance). Plan Design Develop Release Repeat

3 IPPs (Internet Presence Providers) 1. What does it cost to run pages? 2. What does it cost to update pages? 3. How will my site be named and registered? 4. What sort of help will the IPP provide and at what cost? 5. What site-activity statistics are provided? 6. What security measures are provided?

4 Testing 1. How will I test my site before going online? 2. How will I continue to test my site after going online?

5 Promotion Which sources will I turn to in order to advertise the existence of my site?

6 Maintenance 1. What types of content will keep my site fresh? 2. How often must fresh content be supplied?

7 Monthly Maintenance Tasks 1. Track your search engine rankings 2. Test your site´s links 3. Check your site´s performance 4. Check your host´s performance

8 Other Ongoing Concerns 1. Traffic analysis 2. Link popularity

9 Maintaining your Web Pages 1. Request feedback from visitors. 2. Nominate responsibility for updating the information and keeping it current. 3. Set up a review system for the pages outlining when revisions are necessary. 4. Check your documents regularly for broken links. 5. Review not just the text, but the graphics and additional pages periodically to make sure they are still current. 6. Visual changes to meet marketing demands are likely. 7. Upgrades to deal with technology changes are inevitable.

10 Web Site Maintenance 1. Third party maintenance services 2. Website content management tools

11 Publishing Related Issues 1. Copyright 2. Censorship 3. Security

12 Copyright 1. Fair use 2. Distribution of books, movies, and music that the publishers own and want to sell elsewhere 3. Copying an idea

13 Censorship 1. Blocking software 2. Site rating 3. Internet scrutiny

14 Security 1. Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) 2. Digital signatures 3. Encrypted personal identification number (PIN) 4. eCash account 5. Paying by conventional means

15 Online Transactions Can online shopping catalogs become so alluring that they threaten the survival of hard-copy-catalogue companies What changes will the age of 3-D, virtual-reality shopping bring

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