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Intro to Android For the iOS fan Denver Java Users Group January 11, 2012 Mike Wolfson.

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1 Intro to Android For the iOS fan Denver Java Users Group January 11, 2012 Mike Wolfson

2 About Me Droid Of The Day

3 Introduction iPhone is different than Android – Can’t directly port – Web is not the same either Android has it’s own peculiarities and UI paradigms, that must considered Asset management is particularly important

4 Open Handset Alliance ” Android was built from the ground up with the explicit goal to be the first open, complete, and free platform created specifically for mobile devices.”

5 Revision lifecycle Named after deserts – Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Honeycomb “Ice Cream Sandwich” (OS 4.0) – Due Q4 – OS 4.0 – “Universal OS” 6 month releases

6 Open and Free Open Source: No licensing cost for manufacturers Can be used in different ways

7 Different “Flavors” of Android AOSP With Google Experience Amazon Fork CyanogenMod

8 Complete Computer in a box Android@Home TV One OS to run everywhere

9 Growth Manufacturers and carriers love it 700,000 Devices Activated a day Developers love it – Much less control – Less restrictions make for easier money making It’s getting big – 36 OEMs, 215 Carriers, 450K Devs

10 Lots and lots of different devices

11 Devices – iOS

12 Devices – Android

13 Vendor Customizations Google Standard UI HTC Sense UI Samsung Touch Wiz Motorola Moto Blur

14 Many Phones\Carriers\Manufacturers Fragmentation Not all phones are created equal Vendor UI Customization Carrier is in control Irregular upgrade lifecycle

15 Multiple resources and layouts Multiple Layouts and Graphic Assets Can also be used for language localization Use Density Independent values (DP) in layouts Ex. android:paddingLeft="8dp“ draw9patch

16 Testing Multiple Devices Emulator “Dogfooding”

17 Developing Apps

18 Android Dev Tools Eclipse Java Common tools and add-ons are supported by default Object oriented with a strong emphasis for configuration over coding Tools are optional (not required)

19 Automated Testing Continuous Integration tools – Maven\Jenkins plugins testing SDK Tools – TraceRunner, etc – Monkey Runner External Resources – Robotium

20 Support resources iPhone dev’s must sign NDA, which means content is fairly light on the web – Must pay to join dev program, where all the info is. Plenty of free Android resources

21 Distributing Apps

22 App Store Content of store Approval Process Feedback Web component Low barrier to entry ($25/life) Android Market not mandatory – Side load – Alternative markets

23 UI Patterns & Paradigms

24 Icons “I won’t download an app with crappy icons” Google clearly defines guidelines Ice Cream Sandwich changes

25 Android UI Paradigms 4 buttons – “Back” – “Menu” - context sensitive – “Home” – “Search” – context sensitive Widgets and shortcuts Customizable Home screen Notifications Live Wallpaper “App Drawer”

26 Navigation iOS Android

27 Dashboard Pattern

28 Action Bar Pattern

29 Questions?

30 Part 2 prep (optional): 1.Download Project: 2.Unzip project to desktop 3.In Eclipse: File\Import\Import Existing Project into workspace

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