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Critical Design Review VST Vigilant Sensing Technologies Joel Keesecker, Mark Kien, Pat Hauser.

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1 Critical Design Review VST Vigilant Sensing Technologies Joel Keesecker, Mark Kien, Pat Hauser

2 Outline System Description and Diagrams Status Update Schematic Power Subsystem Sensor Interface Firmware and Software Division of Labor Schedule & Deliverables Parts List and Budget Q & A

3 System Description Modular and expandable sensor network utilizing RF and power-line communication

4 Status Update MCU/RSU –Power system design 80% complete –Schematic under development Sensors –Generic interface schematic complete Embedded Software –Operation states and sub-modules identified GUI –Visual structure and layout –COM port communication System –System command set developed

5 RSU/MCU Module Diagram

6 Board Schematic

7 MaxStream Xbee Series 2 2.4 GHZ Up to 250Kbps UART Interface 2mW Transmit Power

8 Yitran IT800D-SPIM DCSK (Differential Code Shift Keying) Hardware Forward Error Correction Collision Avoidance Up to 7.25Kbps UART Interface Arrived Yesterday

9 Prototyping Plan to make simple breakout board with MAX233 and line coupling components to interface PC directly with XBee module and SPIM. Test basic functionality and config Aide software development

10 Power System – Specifications Wide load variation regulated supply –3.3V Load Variation 52  A to 402 mA –12 V Load Variation 50 mA to 260 mA Uninterrupted operation (All modules) –High efficiency 3200mAh Li-Ion battery –Integrated inline charger Worst case efficiency is 50%

11 Power System – Block Diagram

12 Sensor - Types Motion Sensor –Powered from single 3.3 V supply. –Produces an interrupt. Cell Phone Detector –Powered from single 3.3 V Supply. –Produces a V/dB output of the power level Temperature Sensor –Located on sensor I/F board –Data taken transferred serially over SPI interface.

13 Sensor – Interface Features Generic sensor interface for most sensors DIP switch to identify sensor type and ID Generates interrupt based on analog level Noise immunity provided by coax transmission lines

14 Sensor – Interface

15 Embedded S/W - States Initialization Configure profile Run Update Error

16 Embedded Software - Modules Read sensor id/type Check In Set time/date Store test profile Configure profile Check profile status Store data record Configure interrupts Transmit data record Receive data record Configure modem Error handler Check charge level Read sensor analog Read sensor digital Update LCD Update LEDs Send system config Terminate profile Store system config Configure timeouts Wait and listen Command interpreter

17 Embedded S/W – High Level Execution

18 Embedded S/W – Error Handler

19 VST1000 - Data Tab

20 VS1000 - Sensor Status Tab

21 VST1000 - Configuration Tab

22 VST1000 - Background Process

23 Division of Labor Pat HauserJoel KeeseckerMark Kien Primary GUI Development PC Interface Embedded Software Primary RSU/MCU Board Development Research Primary H/W Testing Sensor Development Embedded Software Project Manager Power Supply Design Secondary Research Testing Secondary Embedded Software Power Supply Design Testing Secondary Circuit Design All: Documentation

24 Schedule Overview

25 Schedule cont.



28 Milestone 1 Sensors –2 of 3 sensors tested and working MCU/RSU –Interface board complete –Rev1 Board populated –Power system operational Firmware –Able to communicate between Host PC and development micro- controller Host PC –COM port communication working –Data viewer tab done

29 Milestone 2 Sensors –Ready for integration MCU/RSU –Unit testing complete ready for system integration Firmware –Module testing complete Host PC –GUI done but not integrated into system

30 Expo Demonstrate complete system functionality All pieces integrated Documentation complete

31 Parts List

32 Questions?

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