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طراحي و ساخت سيستم ‌ هاي تجارت الکترونيک اصول و مباني تجارت الکترونيک (EC)

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1 طراحي و ساخت سيستم ‌ هاي تجارت الکترونيک اصول و مباني تجارت الکترونيک (EC)

2 مقدمات و کليات تجارت الکترونيک

3 مثال اوليه از کاربرد تجارت الکترونيک

4 4 Qantas Airways A New Way to Compete The Problem – Increased fuel costs placed pressure on the airline industry – Qantas faced two major competitors and higher fees at Sydney Airport – Air traffic dwindled after September 11 th – Qantas needed to replace aircraft in order to stay competitive – Australian economy slowed down

5 5 Qantas Airways (cont.) The Solution – Bought fuel contracts for future dates (traditional response) – Took major steps to implement e- commerce (EC) involving buying, selling, and exchanging goods, services, information, and payments electronically

6 6 Qantas Airways (cont.) E-marketplace member Joined Airnew Co.—links major airlines with suppliers – Fuel – Fuel services – Light maintenance services – Catering Joined with 13 other large Australian corporations Electronically purchase general goods and services – Office supplies – Light bulbs – Maintenance services Business-to-business (B2B)

7 7 Qantas Airways (cont.) Formed Pan-Pacific exchange – E-marketplace – Business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) – Provides Full spectrum travel services Products and services to business partners – Travel agencies who can use this marketplace to sell directly to consumers

8 8 Qantas Airways (cont.) Business-to-customer (B2C): – Online booking E-mails to frequent-flyer members Mileage bonuses and opportunities to win $10,000 AU – Wireless communications Business-to-employee (B2E): – Online training – Online banking

9 9 Qantas Airways (cont.) The Results – Qantas expects to see an estimated $85 million AU in cost reductions per year by 2003 – Qantas expects to increase annual revenues by $700 million AU from nontravel sales – Outlasted one competitor

10 EC Definitions & Concepts

11 11 EC Definitions & Concepts Electronic Commerce (EC) is the process of buying, selling, or exchanging products, services, and information via computer networks EC defined from these perspectives – Communications – Business process – Service – Online – Collaborations – Community

12 12 EC Definitions & Concepts (cont.) E-business is a broader definition of EC that includes not just the buying and selling of goods and services, but also – Servicing customers – Collaborating with business partners – Conducting electronic transactions within an organization – Pure vs. Partial EC: based on the degree of digitization of product, process, delivery agent

13 13 Exhibit 1.1 The Dimensions of Electronic Commerce

14 14 EC Definitions & Concepts (cont.) – Traditional commerce: all dimensions are physical Brick-and-mortar organizations – Old-economy organizations (corporations) – Perform all business off-line – Sell physical products by means of physical agents

15 15 EC Definitions & Concepts (cont.) – Pure EC: all dimensions are digital Pure online (virtual) organizations New-economy organization Sell products or services only online – Partial EC: a mix of digital and physical dimensions Click-and-mortar organizations Conduct EC activities Do their primary business in the physical world

16 16 EC Definitions & Concepts (cont.) Internet vs. Non-Internet EC – VANs—value-added networks – LANs—local area networks – Single computerized machines Using a smart card in a vending machine Using a cell phone to make an online purchase

17 17 Electronic Markets vs. Interorganizational Systems E-markets Buyers and sellers meet to exchange Goods Services Money Information Interorganizational Information Systems (IOS) Between two or more organizations Routine transaction processing Information flow

18 18 Exhibit 1.2 A Framework for EC

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