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Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing. Overview Attributes Discussion.

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1 Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing


3 Overview Attributes Discussion

4 Overview Attributes Discussion

5 Overview - Mobile Computing: Defined by physical movement of a connected, “smart”, device. - Ubiquitous Computing: Defined by integration of computational devices into everyday objects and environments.

6 Overview - Volatility The nature of distributed partially mobile systems is changeable and therefore volatile. - Issues: The constantly changing users and devices demands a high level of adaptivity and standardized communication from the network.

7 Overview - Volatile system characteristics: - Smart spaces - Device models - Volatile connectivity - Sponatenous interoperation

8 Overview Attributes Discussion

9 Attributes

10 - Association Physically driven and location based. Subject to perpetual change. - Two main issues: Scale and Scope. Handled by Discovery services

11 Attributes - Interoperation How to best communicate between distributed devices? - Data-oriented programming: Focused on common interfaces such as HTTP as opposed to object-oriented programming.

12 Attributes - Sensing and awareness A wide range of sensors are interconnected and forward data to control points. - Issues: Energy conversation vs data forwarding, quality vs quantity.

13 Wireless sensor networks

14 Examples of wireless sensor network: Environmental measurement systems Forest fire detection, Greenhouse gas monitoring, Earthquake detection. Related system: GPS - network

15 Overview Attributes Discussion


17 The house of the future, 1953, Mark Ammerson High expectations?

18 From Distributed systems: concept and design: “...if users carry tags such as RFID tags (for example, ones embedded in their clothes so that their smart washing machines can automatically choose an appropriate washing cycle)...” “Similarly, a room could adapt the air conditioning and lighting settings according to the recorded preferences of the person within it.”

19 Questions?

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