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Milo Bail Student Center A Report from Service Learning Academy May 10, 2004 UNO Strategic Planning.

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1 Milo Bail Student Center A Report from Service Learning Academy May 10, 2004 UNO Strategic Planning

2 Presented by: Marilyn Leach, Director, Center for Faculty Development and Service-Learning Academy, University of Nebraska at Omaha David Corbin, Professor of Health Education/Public Health School of HPER; Courtesy Professor, Gerontology, University of Nebraska at Omaha and University of Nebraska Medical Center Celeste Mitchell, Gerontology Graduate Student, University of Nebraska at Omaha Teresa Hunter, Executive Director, Family Housing Advisory Services

3 Service-Learning Academy: A Brief History

4 History of Service-Learning Academy (SLA) Funding was established in March of 1999 with a $27,000 grant from Nebraska Consortium for Service-Learning.

5 SLA Objectives Encourage and assist faculty members interested in developing service-learning classes; Provide a central point of contact between the campus and community-based organizations; Cultivate continuing working relationships among: faculty, students, and community organizations.

6 Critical Components of Service-Learning Service relating to the course curriculum Needs of the community agency Students reflect on service as it relates to curriculum and his or her experiences.

7 Phase I of SLA Work Concentrated On: Supporting Single Stand Alone Classes.

8 Transition from Phase I to… Service-Learning Interdisciplinary Project Site visit to Portland State. Secured funding from private donor. Joined with Family Housing Advisory Services.

9 Phase II Collaborative Design Team Gerontology Political Science Safe Affordable Housing Over 1400 Omahans are homeless every night Communication Health Education Social Work Teacher Education Counseling Sociology English


11 Scholarship of Engagement Submitted 6 proposals to national conferences. 6 proposals accepted. Submitted 1 proposal to international conference. 1 proposal accepted.

12 79 Unique Faculty have taught at least one Service-Learning classes since the Academy’s inception

13 Unique Service-Learning classes 100 Total number of Service-Learning classes taught is 204

14 Number of Unique Community Agencies served (Since 1999) 144

15 # of Service-Learning Classes Taught – Student Participation 1998-2003 Academic Year 1998- 1999 1999- 2000 2000- 2001 2001- 2002 2002- 2003 Classes 715292769 Students 1332345026981209

16 Latino Politics Service-Learning Class – Spring 2004 Coordinated a bilingual community forum on immigration in South Omaha. Conducted a comprehensive survey and needs assessment of Latino community financial services.

17 Students have been invited to apply for agency positions & subsequently hired.

18 Alternative Spring Break Provided: 24 weeks of labor to Community over period of one week. Equivalent to one.50 FTE over a year.

19 Value Added to Omaha Community Fall 1998-Spring 2003 Students$936,000 Service-Learning Staff$135,142 Total contributions students and SLA staff $1,071,142

20 The Service-Learning Academy has assisted the institution to meet its three strategic goals: 1. UNO places students at the center of the educational enterprise. 2.UNO strives to achieve academic excellence consistent with its vision. 3. UNO will actively engage with the community.

21 You are invited to view our DISPLAY TABLE of Service-Learning projects

22 Health Aspects of Aging Student Contributions: 42 hours in exercise classes 40 reports on visits to sites/facilities that serve older adults 46 regular interviews 35 service-learning interviews 30 extended service learning interviews 279 personal items donated to Open Door Mission 906 cans of food donated to Omaha Food Bank

23 Service-Learning Benefits to Students Community Agency Awareness Civic-Mindedness Teamwork Problem Solving Skills

24 A Service Learning Partnership Between Since 1968 Family Housing Advisory Services, Inc. and University of Nebraska at Omaha

25 F.H.A.S. Mission:  Helping people secure and maintain decent, safe and affordable housing.  Strengthening our community through education, counseling, dispute resolution and advocacy.

26 Why Focus on Housing Because housing is basic to survival, Has many social implications and.. Because so many issues lead to homelessness

27 Service Learning Benefits UNO is: Gaining respect among community groups Being recognized as a resource for research A potential pool of future employees Being publicized in agency newsletters, forums and neighborhood meetings

28 Service Learning Benefits Community Agencies are: Improving services offered to their clients due to feedback and results of Service-Learning Academy student work Increasing their ability to look at systemic issues rather than just work the ‘front-lines’

29 Service Learning Benefits Students are: Breaking down prejudices and dispelling stereotypes Establishing connections with other students and community personnel Meeting government officials and workers Learning about community issues Learning in a holistic manner

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