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Co-funded by the European Community eContentplus programme WP1 – Project Management Reporting and financial issues Milva Carbonaro GISIG.

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1 co-funded by the European Community eContentplus programme WP1 – Project Management Reporting and financial issues Milva Carbonaro GISIG

2 NatureSDIplus 2 Project funding Euro 2.700.000 over 30 months (from 1st October 2008 to 31st March 2011) Funding 80% of direct costs (overheads are excluded from project budget)

3 Eligible costs (Art II.14, Annex II) Personnel Subcontracting Travel and subsistence Other specific costs 3 NatureSDIplus

4 Personnel costs You can report:  the actual costs (gross remuneration and related charges), or  average employment costs Please, refer to the average rate and staff categories indicated in the negotiation forms (see example). Reported rates should not differ by more than 15% from those declared under negotiation. All the working time charged to the agreement must be recorded (see example of time sheet).see examplesee example of time sheet 4 NatureSDIplus

5 Subcontracting/1 Beneficiaries shall ensure that the work to be performed, as identified in Annex I, can be carried out by them. The main subcontracts are already indicated in Annex I for those partners needing them (see Page 71 of DoW). In case other sub-contracts are needed, must be awarded to the bid offering best value for money (best price-quality ratio), under conditions of transparency and equal treatment. 5 NatureSDIplus

6 6 Subcontracting/2 The Commission prior written approval is required: (a) where the cumulative amount of the subcontracts of a beneficiary exceeds:  20% of his estimated eligible costs,  EUR 100 000,  whichever amount is the lower; (b) where the subcontractor is established in a third country. NatureSDIplus

7 Travel and subsistence Actual travel and related subsistence costs necessary for the project may be charged to the Contract. The prior agreement of the Commission shall be required for travel to or from any place outside the territory of the Member States, the Associated States or a third country where a beneficiary is established, unless such a destination is provided for in Annex I (Document of Work). Travel and subsistence costs shall be established on the basis of the usual rules of the beneficiary. 7 NatureSDIplus

8 Other specific costs They do not fall into any of the previous categories. Example of eligible costs are: Costs for the organisation of workshops and conferences, Web site hosting, Web site design, printing, translation the acquisition of software licenses the direct costs incurred in the setting-up of financial guarantees requested by the Commission Other costs belonging to this category shall only be eligible subject to written approval by the Commission unless they are already provided for in Annex I (DoW) to the Contract. 8 NatureSDIplus

9 Reporting schedule (see WP1) Internal Management Reports every 3 months (for internal monitoring) Periodic Progress and Management Report (M7, M19) Annual technical and financial report to the EC (M13, M25) Final Technical and Financial Report to the EC (M30) 9 NatureSDIplus

10 Templates for reporting Official EC templates are available at: port_templates/index_en.htm and include in particular templates for: Progress reports (see template)see template Annual/final public reports (see template)see template Financial statements (see template)see template Moreover, it includes a template for project deliverables (see template)see template 10 NatureSDIplus

11 Schedule for advance payments Ref. Page 73 of Annex I (DoW) 25% within 45 days upon signature of the Contract by all Beneficiaries 30% upon approval of the 1st annual reports (provided that at least 70% of previous advance has been spent and declared in the report) 25% upon approval of the 2nd annual reports (as above) 20% upon approval of the final reports (as above) 11 NatureSDIplus

12 Internal Monitoring Every 3 months a Periodic Management report will be produced and completed by all project partners (see template D.1.3.x)see template Each six months the Partners will be required to fill in a specific resources monitoring table to assess budget consumption against the foreseen figures (see template)see template 12 NatureSDIplus

13 Internal Monitoring outcomes Following internal monitoring, resource allocation among project partners could be assessed and revised according to budget consumption and to the actual activities performed in compliance to the tasks attributed in the DoW. 13 NatureSDIplus

14 co-funded by the European Community eContentplus programme Thank you for the attention

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