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The Water Cycle Water on earth moves in a continuous cycle.

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2 The Water Cycle Water on earth moves in a continuous cycle

3 VOCABULARY Evaporation –Water vapor rising in the atmosphere Condensation –The changing of water from a vapor to a liquid Precipitation –Any form of water falling from the sky such as rain, sleet, snow, and hail

4 The Water Cycle

5 Clouds Clouds are masses of small water droplets or tiny ice crystals that float in the air The three main types are –Cirrus –Cumulus –Stratus

6 CIRRUS CLOUDS Cirro-- –Curled or wispy Form highest in the sky (above 6000m) –Made up of ice crystals Usually signal the end of clear weather

7 CUMULUS CLOUDS Cumulo— –Puffy clouds with flat bases Usually signal good weather, but can produce showers and thunderstorms Can have a low base, but a top above 6000m, so can’t be named according to altitude

8 STRATUS CLOUDS Strato— –Means layerlike Low-lying, dull colored clouds (below 2000m) –Form in layers Usually bring drizzling rain or light-falling snow Fog is a stratus cloud on the ground

9 CLOUD FORMATIONS Cloud typeLevelDescriptionView CirrusHighWispy, ice crystals, Signals weather change CumulusMiddlePuffy, white, good weather StratusLowLow layer of gray, brings precipitation

10 Severe Weather Hurricane –A low-pressure tropical storm that develops in the North Atlantic and Eastern North Pacific Tornado –One of the smallest, yet most violent, storm types Thunderstorm –Disturbance caused by cold front, thunder and lightning occur

11 HURRICANE Form over ocean near the equator Winds spin counter- clockwise Winds must be over 75 mph The strongest storms on earth

12 TORNADO Spiraling funnel cloud Form along cold fronts Very unpredictable Winds can exceed 500 mph inside tornado Mostly occur in spring

13 THUNDERSTORM Caused by a cold front Strong winds and heavy rain Usually bring thunder and lightning Are usually over quickly

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