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Business Ideation to Business Plans…. Part I

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1 Business Ideation to Business Plans…. Part I
A workshop for World Zaratushti Chamber of Commerce Mumbai , October 2009 Raj Bhat

2 2 Day workshop focusing on….
Discovering ideas that work around us. ‘ The Newspaper Exercise’ Learning the 7 domains framework . Applying the 7 domains framework to discover ‘How good is my idea ?’ Elements of Business Plan Importance of Online Marketing Strategy for startups Understanding ‘Break Even Point’ and ‘Unit Price Costing’ Fundamentals of ‘Financial Statements’ Government Schemes to help startups Discussing HR issues in startups ‘The Wallet Exercise’ uncovering customer expectations Further learning's on Teams and Execution Strategy 3 minute elevator pitch Raj Bhat

3 Participants Shahzad Daver & Team Nainaz Shroff & Team
Bomi Doctor & Team Farookh Irani Darayus Khajotia Faredoon Kapadia Firdosh Roowala Nazneen Deboo Raj Bhat

4 Ideas are everywhere ………
The news paper exercise to discover ideas all around us. The participants discussed that ideas are important but not everything. Only those ideas can be monetized that solve real problems. Greater the problem greater the opportunity. Raj Bhat

5 Applying 7 domains learning
The participants learnt about the 7 domain framework The importance of discussing issues of Markets v/s Industry Applying the 7 domains learning to check ‘How good is my idea ? ‘ Raj Bhat

6 Getting the marketing plan right
The participants agreed the getting online was the best option for a startup business. Vikas Kashikar of Uptime Technologies gave an insight on Getting Online Strategies. Raj Bhat

7 Finance & Accounts CA Virendra Shah gave a lucid presentation on Project Finance and essential financial ratios. Basing their learning's on Unit Price Costing and Break Even Point Analysis the participants learnt the fine art of managing their finances in a startup. Raj Bhat

8 Sharing notes on HR Yazdi Tantra sharing his experience of hiring in the market place. The participants accepted that attracting and retaining top talent remained an area of concern for fledgling startups Raj Bhat

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