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VENTURING LEADERSHIP SKILLS COURSE. Session III: Organization Juggling Balloons.

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2 Session III: Organization Juggling Balloons

3 Venturing Leadership Skills Course3 Activity We need five volunteers to fill some job vacancies. These people cannot the Crew President or Crew Vice President.

4 Venturing Leadership Skills Course4 Balloon Juggling Rules The leader must keep the balloons in the air and moving. The balloons cannot touch the ground.

5 Venturing Leadership Skills Course5 Organization Reflection Questions How does this exercise relate to leadership in a real setting? Is it difficult to juggle many priorities at one time? What is a possible solution to help this leader keep all the balloons in the air successfully?

6 Venturing Leadership Skills Course6 Roles of Each Officer President –run meetings, represent Crew, assess officer performance Vice President for Administration –back-up president, recruitment, advancement, bylaws Vice President for Program –program planning, maintain calendar, support activity chairs Secretary –officer meeting minutes, membership & attendance records Treasurer –prepare budget, track income and expenses

7 Venturing Leadership Skills Course7 Why Leaders Don’t Delegate FEAR The leader may fear: Loss of something he enjoys doing Loss of position Loss of satisfaction Loss of control

8 Venturing Leadership Skills Course8 Why Leaders Don’t Delegate LACK OF TIME The leader may feel there is not adequate time to train someone else The leader may feel that he can do the job faster than anyone to whom he could delegate the work.

9 Venturing Leadership Skills Course9 Why Leaders Don’t Delegate WRONG IDEAS ABOUT DELEGATION The leader may not trust the subordinate. The leader may feel subordinates are overworked, too busy already.

10 Venturing Leadership Skills Course10 Why Leaders Don’t Delegate TRUST The leader fears that the persons to whom he is delegating are not willing to accept delegated authority and responsibility.

11 Venturing Leadership Skills Course11 Why Leaders Don’t Delegate LACK OF SKILL The leader was never trained in delegating techniques or has just failed to use it.

12 Venturing Leadership Skills Course12 Why Should We Delegate? To Get Results By delegating one can more effectively get the job done. It spreads the responsibilities so no one person has too much to do.

13 Venturing Leadership Skills Course13 Why Should We Delegate? To Give Someone Else Growth Opportunities A person grows as he/she has responsibilities and produces. It prepares others to lead when the leader is no longer there.

14 Venturing Leadership Skills Course14 Why Should We Delegate? To Free Up the Leader for Other Tasks Delegating to others frees up the leader’s schedule and mind to pursue different and possibly more important things.

15 Venturing Leadership Skills Course15 Why Should We Delegate? To Share Decision-Making Authority Delegating allows the leader to share authority with others. It creates ownership in the group and an environment of teamwork.

16 Venturing Leadership Skills Course16 Why Should We Delegate? Because the Leader Lacks Time The leader may delegate because he/she is overextended.

17 Venturing Leadership Skills Course17 Why Should We Delegate? Because the Leader Lacks Skill The leader does not have to know it all. He/she can delegate to someone more skilled in a particular task. IT IS NOT IMPORTANT THAT A LEADER BE ABLE TO DO EVERYTHING, BUT TO BE ABLE TO RECRUIT PEOPLE WITH THE SKILLS TO DO THE JOB.

18 Venturing Leadership Skills Course18 Organization Module 2 Learning Objectives At the end of this session each participant should be able to: Understand the critical need of delegation in leadership. Know the reason that leaders don’t delegate. Function more efficiently in leadership roles. Know the specific responsibilities od each crew officer.

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