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ABET 2000 Preparations CE En Department August, 2000.

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1 ABET 2000 Preparations CE En Department August, 2000

2 Status  Third (and hopefully final) draft of objectives being reviewed by faculty  Assessment strategy Assessment plan almost finalized Some assessment underway Remaining to be put in place 9/2000

3 Objectives  Current proposal is to use Attribute/Competency approach for defining objectives (patterned after ChE model)  Attribute/competency list under final review by faculty  Will finalize during today’s retreat

4 Attributes 1.An understanding of fundamental principles of mathematics and science 2.The ability to perform fundamental engineering analysis 3.An understanding of geotechnical engineering 4.An understanding of structural engineering 5.An understanding of transportation engineering 6.An understanding of water resource and environmental engineering

5 Attributes, Cont. 7.The ability to design civil engineering systems and solve open-ended problems 8.The ability to communicate ideas effectively 9.The ability to use modern engineering tools 10.A foundation in and a commitment to ethical and moral behavior 11.An awareness of cultural, societal, and environmental issues 12.An understanding of professional practice issues 13.A dedication to life-long learning and service

6 Sample Attribute/Competencies Attribute 3: An understanding of geotechnical engineering Description: Students will obtain a basic understanding of geotechnical engineering principles including soil classification, seepage, consolidation, shear strength, and bearing capacity analysis. Students will also learn how to perform and apply fundamental laboratory tests on soils. Competencies: 3.1 Be able to perform fundamental calculations and analyses including weight-volume relationships, soil classification. Understand issues related to clay mineralogy. 3.2 Understand basics principles of flow through porous media including Darcy's law, the equation of continuity, seepage forces, boiling, and filter design. 3.3 Understand how stresses are transferred through soils. Be able to compute both geostatic stresses (total stress, effective stress, and pore pressures) and induced stresses due to point, line, and area loads. …

7 Assessment Strategy  Document exam performance  Outside advisory board  FE Exam  Exit interviews  Alumni survey

8 Document Exam Performance  Competencies listed on all course syllabi  Each question on mid-term and final exams will be linked to a competency (CE En majors only).  After grading, secretaries will record scores by competency in database.  Overall performance for each competency reviewed semi-annually.

9 FE Exam  All CE En majors are required to take FE exam  State FE exam board now records major and school of all examinees  Detailed listing by subject area is provided  Preliminary results are excellent  Documentation/recording of results by competency is needed

10 Exit Interviews  All graduating faculty are interviewed by chair.  Graduates also fill out questionnaire  Questionnaire will be redesigned to better assess attributes/competencies

11 Alumni Survey  Alumni survey being coordinated with BYU survey sent to all students.  Questions tied directly to attributes  On-line alumni survey also under consideration by college

12 On-line Review Documents

13 On-line Syllabi  Increased emphasis on high-tech approach to curriculum by university  Helps ensure objectives (competencies) are listed on all syllabi  Makes it possible to link all syllabi to Dept. Objectives web page  Competencies should also be listed in course schedule

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