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10/01/2007 Installing and Using ATLAS Distribution in LNF Release 12.0.3.

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1 10/01/2007 Installing and Using ATLAS Distribution in LNF Release 12.0.3

2 10/01/2007 AFS space LNF afs area status –before Volume Name Quota Used %Used Partition prj.atlas.soft 10000000 3271712 33% 64% –Space used for the release 6.4G (6398304KB) INSTALLPATH SITEROOT= /afs/

3 10/01/2007 Installation Installation instructure oject Reference –The presentation of last atlas sw week at CERN in Dec. 2006

4 10/01/2007 1. pre-install –system check SLC3 in our farms –The default compiler gcc323 – PacmanInAtlas pacman latest version 3.19 is installed in: –/afs/lnf/project/atlas/soft

5 10/01/2007 –a little warm-up, cd $SITEROOT and do: pacman -allow trust-all-caches tar-overwrite pacman -version pacman -v download tar up pacman –def 2. Install Atlas Release 12.0.3 –cd $SITEROOT –pacman -get computing/links/kitsDirectory/projects/cache:AtlasPro duction_12_0_3_i686_slc3_gcc323_opt pacman -def

6 10/01/2007 3. Subprojects of the release 12.0.3 – AtlasProduction/12.0.3 –AtlasOffline/12.0.3 – AtlasAnalysis/2.0.3 –AtlasConditions/2.0.3 –AtlasCore/2.0.3 –AtlasEvent/2.0.3 – AtlasReconstruction/2.0.3 –AtlasSimulation/2.0.3 –AtlasTrigger/2.0.3 –DetCommon/2.0.3

7 10/01/2007 In additional Subprojects –DBRelease/2.8 –External –Gaudi –Geant4

8 10/01/2007 Run environment Setup site environment setup –source $SITEROOT/cmtsite/setup.csh - tag=12.0.3, setup (for general setup) –source $SITEROOT/cmtsite/setup.csh - tag=AtlasOffline,12.0.3 (for Subproject Atlasoffline setup) setup the run time environment to run jobs source $SITEROOT/AtlasOffline/12.0.3/AtlasOfflineR unTime/cmt/setup.csh

9 10/01/2007 Run a job with athena (Never modify your source code under $SITEROOT) –athena $SITEROOT/AtlasCore/2.0.3/InstallArea/jobOptions/A thExHelloWorld/ You will get many INFO beginning with: “Mon Jan 29 13:38:03 CET 2007 Athena INFO including file " ……… And end with: ApplicationMgr INFO Application Manager Terminated successfully

10 10/01/2007 Develop with installed project All the red commands need to run only once at the first time 1. Create ~/cmthome/requirements –cd $SITEROOT and run the script The script create ~/cmthome & ~/testarea 2. Create ~/cmthome/setup.csh –source $SITEROOT/CMT/v1r18p20060606/mgr/setup.csh –cd ~/cmthome –modify the requirements file if necessary, e.g. redirect $ATLAS_TEST_AREA to /scratch/nfs/atlas/meiwen/testarea –cmt config

11 10/01/2007 Develop Example 3.Package Setup (red steps only first time) –source ~/cmthome/setup.csh - tag=2.0.3,AtlasCore,oneTest –mkdir –p $TestArea/Control/AthenaExamples –cp –a $SITEROOT/AtlasCore/2.0.3/Control/AthenaExample s/AthExHelloWorld $TestArea/Control/AthenaExamples

12 10/01/2007 4. modify the source code and build –cd $TestArea/Control/AthenaExamples/AthExHelloWorld/cmt –source setup.csh (if you needn’t change your source code please skip the red steps) –Vi../src/HelloWorld.cxx (modify your source files and save them in../src/) –gmake –gmake inst –source $SITEROOT/AtlasCore/2.0.3/AtlasCoreRunTime/cmt/setup.csh – $TestArea/InstallArea/jobOptions/AthExHelloWorld/HelloWorldO

13 10/01/2007

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