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ECOO User Centric Distributed Systems Midleware for Cooperative Work Programme 3C INRIA.

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1 ECOO User Centric Distributed Systems Midleware for Cooperative Work Programme 3C INRIA

2 Composition Research Staff: Khalid Benali, MC Nancy 2 Nacer Boudjlida, Prof UHP Gérôme Canals, MC Nancy 2 François Charoy, MC Nancy 2 Jacques Lonchamp, Prof. Nancy 2 Pascal Molli, MC UHP, Olivier Perrin, MC Nancy 2, CR INRIA (sept 02 -- sept 04) Hala Skaf-Molli, MC UHP Phd students : Sami Bhiri Christophe Bouthier Dong Cheng Alicia Diaz (LIFIA La Plata) Walid Gaaloul Adnene Guabtni Gérald Oster Engineers : Guillaume Bort Sébastien Jourdain Post-doctorate : Julia Bitcheva Scientific leader : Claude Godart, Prof. UHP, ESSTIN

3 Context Coordination of a virtual team, virtual enterprise Creative applications (business, co- engineering, co-design …) Internet, Web Services Software and usage analysis

4 Problematics Consistency of cooperative data –Transactional consistency: a=f(b) –Transformational consistency: c 1 (o) = c 2 (o) –Awareness based « Consistency » Keywords : Consistency, Concurrency, Mobility, Process, Synchronization, Transaction, Workflow

5 Problematics Together: –Complementarity –Synergy Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Transformational consistency vs. Transactional consistency. Role of awareness in usage analysis …

6 Results User centric workflow (Bonita (anticipation, multi- instantiation,, J2EE Jonas); cross-organizational workflow (virtual enterprise modeling, privacy management, contract management, cooperative activity) SAMS: Synchronous, Asynchronous, Multi- Synchronous editor; automatic proof of operational transformations; secure and generic synchronization; LibreSource (Cooperative Software development, State awareness; in context awareness; Tree Maps and Hyperbolic Trees visualization library Usage analysis (Coopera (SourceForge for everybody, )

7 Perspectives Process concurrency management (heterogeneous, cross-organizational); Web services orchestration; process concurrency mining; societal behaviors mining; enterprise modeling Secure and generic synchronization; transformations composition; network of synchronization Contextual circumstances capture and representation; emergent knowledge modeling Relationship between operational consistency and transactional consistency; workflow vs. synchronization network

8 Software development strategy Software for federating researches Out of the laboratory: usage analysis, transfer –Coopera: Internet cooperation for everybody; primary schools of de Nancy-Metz academy; language learning between Lycée Henri IV Paris and Gymnasium Dresden; continuing education of nurses, … usage analysis with psychologists and pedagogues. –LibreSource: a european solution concurrent to SourceForge with synchronization technologies (open service in January, open sources in June) –Large amount of data visualization (widely used, American Library of Medicine …) –Bonita: ObjectWeb, Bull

9 Relationships GDR I3, AS Web Services (RTP9 CNRS), CPER QSL, ObjectWeb Thematic networkUEML, NoE Interop Irex Grant UNSW Co-directed theses (LIFIA Buenos-Aires, ETH Zurich) E! KVM; ITEA EAST, ITEA Osmose Hitachi R&D Tokyo, American library of Medicine RNTL LibreSource, RIAM Coopera, Serics AEE

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