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Anatomy of a Game CTIN 463 John Hight 310-404-9880.

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1 Anatomy of a Game CTIN 463 John Hight 310-404-9880

2 What’s on tonight? Concept, continued Game Design Guest Speaker

3 Genres

4 Shooters single character wielding various projectile weapons and firing at enemies first-person shooters (FPS) third person shooters

5 Fighting two combatants striking each other with fists, kicks, and handheld weapons combinations of button presses activate special moves

6 Role-Playing Games (RPG) customize characters by selecting race, class, and skills adventuring and killing monsters to gain loot and experience points

7 Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) thousands of simultaneous players in the same game world subscription fee, player vs. player (PVP)

8 Survival-Horror adventure and survival

9 Sports reproduce the rules and look of popular sports

10 Racing / Driving driving a vehicle on a track or through city streets

11 Vehicle Combat driving and shooting at each other

12 Real-time Strategy (RTS) command an army base building resource gathering

13 Action- Adventure exploration and problem-solving linear story

14 Platformer character leaps from one platform to another fight enemies and collect power-ups

15 Flight Sims

16 Life Simulations control aspects of the non-player characters’ environments build a civilization or maintain a healthy balance

17 Retro-arcade mimic the style and pacing of coin-op video arcade games from the 1980s

18 Party Games Multiple players mini-games

19 Puzzle / Maze

20 Open World / Sandbox freedom to travel throughout the world missions or quests

21 Concept Primary / ApproverSecondary / Contributor High concept, premise, game description, USPs Design DirectorDesigners, Writers, Producer Edit/format proposal, estimated budget and schedule ProducerAssociate Producers Concept art, storyboard(s), presentation (Powerpoint slides, reference video and images) Art DirectorArtists Review of concept, interactive mockup Technical DirectorProgrammers Pitch to publisher/managementDesign Director, Producer Art Director, Technical Director

22 Jenova Chen thatgamecompany

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