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Jobs Fund Expansion Project

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1 Jobs Fund Expansion Project
Jumpstart Jobs Fund Expansion Project

2 Jumpstart History Redcap started Jumpstart in 2007
Work experience for unemployed who have gone through life skills training Started partnering with various NGOs in 2009 in KZN Expanded this nationally in 2010 Jobs Fund project 2012

3 Work Experience Programme
Unemployed referred by organisations placed into 6 day work experience programme at a nearby Mr Price clothing, home or sport store Trainees get certificate for completion Suitable candidates selected by store managers as casual workers Some move into permanent positions while others move into other employment elsewhere Feedback given for all candidates by stores

4 Motivation for Jobs Fund Project
Funding for NGOs to scale up work Better coordination of project with help of systems like Joblinx Better collaboration of stakeholders (e.g. network, curriculum development) Help NGOs to add key components required for entry in Mr Price (e.g maths, literacy, customer service)

5 Partner Criteria Already running soft skills programmes (with possible exceptions) Operating in areas where there is demand for labour with Mr Price Have capacity to expand Have appropriate organisational systems in place (reporting, financial, HR, etc.) Willing to comply with minimum requirements for training Training costs fit within budgets

6 Partner Criteria (Cont.)
Willing to target people with Mr Price minimum requirements Matric certificate Under 30 years old No criminal record No bad credit history Ability to pass Mr Price tests (math literacy, bar code recognition and customer service assessment test)

7 Jumpstart Training Criteria
Core Purpose Attitude/Behaviour/Character Development and Basic Skills Course/Topic Hours Course Minimum Hours: 40 Topic Minimum Hours: 1 (unless otherwise specified)

8 Required Life Skills Topics (1)
(with required hours if different from standard of 1 hour) Career guidance (2) Communication/Presentation Skills (3) Conflict resolution Customer Service (2) Finances Goal setting/Planning Healing of the Past (2) Sexual health/Romantic relationships/HIV/AIDS (3) Job preparation skills (2) Physical health (Healthy Living) Rights and responsibilities Time management Vision/Purpose

9 Required Life Skills Topics (2)
The following topics may be covered within the above topics or separately and thus don’t have 1 hour minimum requirements: Life-long learning Motivation/Self-esteem Personal Development/Character Work ethics Emotional maturity Problem solving/Decision making Substance abuse

10 Math/Literacy Students need to be equipped to pass Mr Price Test
No training requirements will be set, as it is up to the organisations how much they want to screen people. As mentioned earlier: These skills can be taught by organization and/or Students can be prescreened based on ability to pass

11 Distribution Strategy
Disbursements based on people placed – key indicator still to be determined in consultation Training done for first placements will be “frontloaded” by NGOs 75% in Mr Price, 25% outside (possibly can shift over time) Funding not intended to replace existing funding, but rather to scale up training capacity (with possible exceptions)

12 Distribution Amounts Per Person Placed
Year 1 - R 2,478 – 1250 people Year 2 - R 2,651 – 2000 people Year 3 - R 2,837 – 2750 people Avg 1-3 years - R 2,700

13 Mr Price Allocation Process
Identification of needs in specific Mr Price stores Identification of capacity and location of organisations Allocate targets for specific regions/stores to organisations (e.g. 150 placements among “x” 5 stores in “x” region in the next 6 months) Mr Price has a key window for placements between March and October. No placements are done during November-December, and few, if any, during Jan/Feb.

14 Mr Price Group Needs Annual Needs Home Apparel Other Divisions Total
Permanent 500 1100 700 2300 Ongoing Casual 800 4000 ? 4800 Holiday Casual 1600 8000 9600 2900 13100 16700 NOTE: The casual needs are rough estimations, based on current needs in July 2012 at 40% of Mr Price Home stores and 60% of Mr Price Apparel stores

15 Joblinx Online system developed for linking employers with candidates of training providers System has been functional since the beginning of last year New developments are being done to enable it to have additional functionality for Jumpstart specific needs Automated linkage between base stores, head office and NGOs More fields specific to Jumpstart Better searching and reporting processes

16 Employer Partnerships
Spar – Estimated vacancies annually Smollan – 4000 vacancies annually Mr Price Supply Chain NGO Partnerships Other Jobs Fund Beneficiaries Dell Foundation: 100 computers, 5 NGOs

17 Thank You

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