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The Pathway to Success Leadership Consortium Goal 2 – Initiative 3.

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1 The Pathway to Success Leadership Consortium Goal 2 – Initiative 3

2 The Pathway to Success Introduction & Purpose The ISU Leadership Consortium was developed as a structural unit to promote coordination and collaboration of leadership activities for students, faculty, and staff. The ISU Leadership Consortium, along with collaborative partners, creates a supportive environment where all members of our community are actively engaged in personal growth to become productive, effective leaders in their roles at ISU and beyond.

3 The Pathway to Success Methods The Consortium is realizing its purpose through the following priorities: Student Leadership Programs Curriculum Development Mini-Grants Research Leadership Consortium Office

4 The Pathway to Success Benchmarks Initiative BenchmarkFall 2010 Fall 2011 Fall 2012 Fall 2013 Fall 2014 Number of students involved in identified leadership activities --500600700800 Number of students attending Leadership Conference 50100150200250 Registration in LEAD 101, 301, 401 courses-- 456080 Number of classes with leadership focus5053565962 Number of mini-grant applications for leadership activities --78910 Students scores on MSL as compared to benchmark institutions (percentile ranking) base -line + 10

5 The Pathway to Success Discussion Significant advancement has been made from planning to implementing. Three courses will be developed by early 2012: LEAD 101, LEAD 301, LEAD 401. Subcommittee structure has impelled forward movement on mini-grants, research study, and administrative structure. Nationally benchmarked research study will help establish baseline data to measure student growth.

6 The Pathway to Success Summary Strong forward movement. Increased collaboration. Focus on curriculum development in 2011- 2012. Overriding goal: infuse leadership education and development into the core institutional culture.

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