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Maiden Voyage: A Library and Faculty Development Center Partnership to Promote Information Literacy Mary Chesnut and Stephanie Henderson May 4, 2007 LOEX.

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1 Maiden Voyage: A Library and Faculty Development Center Partnership to Promote Information Literacy Mary Chesnut and Stephanie Henderson May 4, 2007 LOEX 2007 -- San Diego, CA

2 CHARTING OUR COURSE History of the Position

3 Our Institution Northern Kentucky University is a public university situated in a metropolitan area. A large majority of our students are commuters. Our current enrollment is 14,638 FTE is 10,549

4 Steely Library There are 19 library faculty, 21 staff, 3 graduate assistants and 52 student employees currently employed by Steely Library We conduct about 230 library instruction sessions a year, and have 9 librarians who do library instruction

5 The Professional & Organizational Development Center (POD) The POD is housed in Steely Library The Faculty Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology opened 10/02. After reorganization, in March 05, this area became know as the POD. The POD has 2 administrators, 4 professional staff and 1 faculty member

6 POD Highlights 2 Digital Editing Suites --capture, edit and store video in a digitized format using the latest technology. 2 viewing rooms with SVHS videocassette recorders and 2 mini DV/S-VHS videocassette recorder Open work area has 6 Dell GX240 computers, 3 iMac computers, and 2 G4 Macintosh computers SMART conference room, computer instruction lab, large meeting room Special Equipment –Slide scanner –2 flatbed scanners –1 Large format poster printer –License for 32 software applications

7 POD Highlights

8 Why the position was created The location within the library made it a natural fit. Win-win for both departments Another platform for the library to connect with faculty Opportunity to have an “in-house” librarian in the POD

9 Position Description POSITION TITLE: Instructional Services Librarian POSITION DESCRIPTION: This is a full-time non-tenure-track faculty appointment in Library Services. SPECIAL SKILLS/REQUIREMENTS: Strong commitment to the educational role of an academic library, knowledge of effective research strategies and core teaching methodologies, effective written and oral communication skills, and ability to work successfully with colleagues and library users.

10 Division of time/Salary Line TITLE OF IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Coordinator of Information Literacy for 60% of position Assistant Provost for Professional Development for 40% of position

11 Stephanie’s schedule for Spring ‘07 Monday: 1:30 - 4:00 POD 4:00 - 9:00 Steely Tuesday: 9:00 - 12:30 Steely 12:30 - 4:30 POD Wednesday: 8:30 - 12:30 Steely 12:30 - 3:00 POD 3:00 - 5:00 Steely Thursday: 9:00 - 1:00 POD 1:30 - 5:00 Steely Friday: 8:30 – 10:00 Steely 10:00 – 12:00 POD 12:00 – 4:30 Steely

12 Dual Job Responsibilities Library:  Provide instruction as part of an information literacy curriculum, focusing upon the conceptual skills of information use, research strategies, information resources and library orientation.  Provide quality research assistance to library users via various service media.  Participate in an evening and weekend service rotation.  Participate in relevant activities and committees within the Research and Instructional Services Division and the Library.  Perform other duties as required by the Library.

13 Dual Job Responsibilities POD: Participate in program planning and implementation for faculty and staff development, particularly in the area of faculty support for Information Literacy Instruction. Serve as a liaison between university faculty and staff and the faculty and staff of the Library. Provide trainings and consultations for faculty and staff related to library programs and resources.

14 MANY PORTS OF CALL IL in a Variety of Contexts

15 New series of IL workshops IL web pages on the POD web site “In-house” librarian available for consultations (email, IM, f2f) IL flyers Open House Summer Faculty Institute

16 Spring 2007 Workshops Creating Effective Library Assignments (offered twice) Getting Students Beyond Google: Promoting Information Literacy (offered 3 times) What’s New at Steely Library? Database Updates for Faculty (offered once) Copyright in the Digital World (offered 3 times)

17 Summer Faculty Institute


19 Information Literacy Tools IL web pages Blackboard course Tutorials Handouts Emails to library liaisons

20 POD website


22 Blackboard Course

23 Tutorials

24 Information Literacy flyers

25 SMOOTH SAILING Anticipated Benefits of the Position

26 Benefits to the Library Additional platform to reach faculty Increased presence on campus Programming boosts library IL goals Gain insight to faculty needs and anticipate future needs

27 Benefits to the POD Expertise of library faculty added to PD workshops Tools created for faculty Additional support of 24/7 online resources Faculty member in their department Increase faculty awareness of POD’s curricular development programs

28 BURIED TREASURE Unexpected Benefits

29 Increased awareness of faculty issues on campus POD colleagues’ expertise Technology –Blackboard Specialist –podcasting –blogging –vPad –Google Analytics

30 WALK THE PLANK Challenges of the Position

31 Challenges Less F2F encounters with faculty, more 24/7 online access “Nomadic” nature of the position Working with two supervisors, two philosophies, two cultures

32 FUTURE VOYAGES Projected Initiatives

33 Future Initiatives Focus groups for faculty IL retreat for faculty (with stipend) Online workshops 24/7 Podcast-interview series Continue to Publicize POD librarian Continue to publicize IL across campus

34 NAVIGATING THE HIGH SEAS Steps You Can Take at Your Institution

35 What can you do? Meet the center director/coordinator Attend workshops Discuss ways to co-teach/collaborate on workshops Add IL links to their website Provide IL workshops in the center Add their department to your liaison areas

36 Shipwrecked?? Q & A

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