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Commonwealth of Dominica Presenter: Yvonne Alexander Assistant Superintendent of Police.

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1 Commonwealth of Dominica Presenter: Yvonne Alexander Assistant Superintendent of Police

2 INTRODUCTION “Lack of sufficient data on the nature and incidence of violence against women constraints official willingness to adopt policies and provide services to end it.” Source : UNIFEM - A life free of Violence Is Our Right! (2007) Commonwealth of Dominica

3 SITUATION  Recognition of need to regularly and appropriately measure VAW to allow for effective formulation of policies and programmes  Data dispersed  Collection procedures not standardised Commonwealth of Dominica

4 OBJECTIVES  Understand the prevalence, magnitude, impact, etc of gender based violence  Develop profiles of victims and perpetrators  Identify groups at risk  Help develop intervention programmes  Monitor the effectiveness of violence prevention and intervention activities Commonwealth of Dominica

5 DELIVERABLES  Real Time, On Time data/information  Greater insights into the prevalence of gender based violence  Allow for evidence based advocacy  Enable formulation of more effective strategies  Result in greater efficiency in service delivery Commonwealth of Dominica

6 THE PROCESS  Secure Funding – UNIFEM VAW Project, Dominica 2005 - 2008  Identification of Entities Involved ◦ Bureau of Gender Affairs – Lead Agency ◦ Dominica Police Force ◦ Social Welfare Division ◦ Ministry of Health ◦ Legal Aid Clinic ◦ Statistical Division ◦ Dominica National Council of Women Commonwealth of Dominica

7 Identification and agreement on Central Registry Bureau of Gender Affairs Registry to possess capacity to produce statistical reports for disseminated to all partners Commonwealth of Dominica

8 ACTIVITIES ACQUISITION OF HARDWARE/SOFTWARE  Development of uniformed templates for data collection  Distribution of equipment  Installation of Equipment Commonwealth of Dominica

9 TRAINING  Selection and Training of relevant personnel ◦ Review of existing systems ◦ Review of forms in use  Training in data analysis Commonwealth of Dominica

10 SUPERVISION  Monitoring  Evaluation Commonwealth of Dominica

11 CHALLENGIES ◦ Financial – Funding was inadequate for scale of project ◦ Legal  Police Form part of legislation  Agencies had individual data collection regime ◦ Personnel  Selection  Tenure  Buy in by key decision makers - commitment ◦ Equipment  Servicing, etc ◦ Review and Evaluation Commonwealth of Dominica

12 VAW Project Progress Report 2007 – 2008  “This remains the most challenging item in the project.”  “A template was designed with the assistance of a Technical Expert, but several issues remain to be resolved, among them a method of collating data from the several different forms now in use by various agencies.”  Recognition of the critical need for dedicated staff. Commonwealth of Dominica

13 WHAT NEXT  Request for Funding Approved  Consultant Contracted  Review of project currently ongoing Thank You UNIFEM and ECLAC Commonwealth of Dominica

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