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RETScreen® Energy Efficiency Projects

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1 RETScreen® Energy Efficiency Projects

2 Facility Types Commercial & Institutional Buildings
Both New & Existing Facilities Houses & Apartment Buildings Industrial Plants & Processes Photo: NRCan Photo: NRCan

3 Energy Efficiency Analysis
Fuel End-use Optimize supply Maximize efficiency Minimize usage Steps

4 RETScreen Energy Efficiency Model
Base case vs. proposed case Steps: Fuel & schedules Facility characteristics (energy + costs) Summary (energy) Emission analysis Financial analysis

5 Fuels & Schedules Fuel types: Natural gas Propane, Kerosene
Oil, Coal, etc Biomass User defined Etc. Schedules: Heating and cooling 24/7 Occupancy dependent Set-back temperature Set-up temperature

6 Facility Characteristics
Heating system Cooling system Building envelope Ventilation Lights Electrical equipment Hot water Pumps Fans Motors

7 Facility Characteristics
Process electricity Process heat Process steam Steam losses Heat recovery Compressed air Refrigeration Other

8 Summary Section Fuel summary Project verification Benchmark

9 Emission & Financial Analysis
Method 1 Method 2


11 Project Example: Hot Water
Apartment building 40 units Reduce flow by 35% Reduce supply temp from 60 to 55 oC Heat recovery, 20% efficiency, cost $15,000 O&M (water) savings $3,000/year Fuel switch oil to natural gas New water heater cost $40,000 See project database template: Hot water - Apartment

12 Questions?

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