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ALIA Inter-Library Lending Expert Advisory Group (ILLEAG) Thomas Girke Manager, Information Support CSIRO Information Management & Technology.

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1 ALIA Inter-Library Lending Expert Advisory Group (ILLEAG) Thomas Girke Manager, Information Support CSIRO Information Management & Technology

2 Today’s Presentation About ILLEAG ILRS Code Review Inter-Library Loans Manual

3 Membership Members of the Association with expertise in interlibrary lending and resource sharing practice. Thomas Girke (Convenor) CSIRO Sharon Karasmanis La Trobe University Leanne Griffiths CSIRO Sharon Howells University of Newcastle Margarita Moreno National Library of Australia Susan Magnay ALIA

4 Our Role Provide the ALIA Board advice on: Interlibrary lending and resource sharing policy and practice matters of concern to members Matters relating to the Association’s responsibilities for the ILL voucher system Representation on appropriate committees Development of policy statements or documents relating to interlibrary lending and resource sharing Other matters as determined by the Board

5 ILRS Code Review ALIA requested to review code at 2004 Resource Sharing Forum Update taking into account developments in automation Ensure that it would continue to support cooperation and coordination among libraries Encourage ongoing service improvement Launched at May 2006 Resource Sharing Forum with adoption July 1

6 Key Features 3 service levels (previously 5) – Express (2 hours) – Rush (24 hours) – Core (4 working days) New principles – Minimum 3 week loan period – Complete bibliographic details and call numbers – Supply best copy possible – Most efficient payment method possible

7 Key Features Library assumes responsibility for user-initiated requests No changes to recommended charges – New recommended charges for colour copies ($2.20 per page)

8 Feedback ‘Concise and easy to apply’ ‘Promoting a simple, effective document delivery service’ ‘Will have positive effect on daily workflows’ ‘Changes accurately reflect the changing environment and is inclusive of all libraries’ ‘Changes better reflect current practice and will drive service delivery improvements’

9 Thank-you Ross Withnell (replaced Leanne Griffiths) Bernadine Hardin and Karen Feehely CAUL CASL National Library of Australia ALIA Board of Directors Libraries, LADD User Groups and ILL practitioners

10 Inter-Library Loans Manual 2004: Final Forum of the Resource Sharing Group recommends ALIA consider developing an ILL Manual 2005: ALIA ILLEAG agree to consider project following ILRS Code Review 2006: ALIA ILLEAG commence project to develop an Online ILL Manual based on ‘Wiki’ type technology 2007: Pilot with ILL community 2007 (mid): Launch

11 Inter-Library Loans Manual Background on the project: – Available online – Easy to update (ensure currency) – Share updating with ILL community – Team of editors to ensure quality

12 About Wiki Wiki is a type of Web site that allows the visitors themselves to easily add, remove, and otherwise edit and change some available content, sometimes without the need for registration. This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for collaborative authoring. Examples of sites using Wiki technology include: WikiWikiWeb, Wikipedia. Extract from… WikipediaWeb siteeditcollaborative authoring WikiWikiWebWikipedia

13 Draft Layout 1.Policies, codes and guidelines 2.Finding 3.Getting 4.Professional development 5.News 6.ILL/DD glossary

14 1. Policies, codes and guidelines Australia 1.1Interlibrary Loan Resource Sharing Code International/other countries 1.2IFLA Guidelines for Best Practice in Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery 1.3LIANZA Interloans Best Practice Handbook 1.4ILL Web Codes and Guidelines 1.5ALA Interlibrary Loan Code

15 2. Finding 2.1 Libraries Australia Search Service PLUS Pictures Australia, Music Australia etc.? 2.2 Australian Libraries Gateway 2.3 Booksellers 2.4 Verification Tools 2.5 Theses 2.6 Useful Websites 2.7 Newspapers 2.8 Patents and Standards

16 3. Getting 3.1 Australia’s ILL system 3.1.1 Interlibrary Loan Resource Sharing Directory (also include instructions for updating the record) 3.1.2 Libraries Australia Document Delivery System and Manuals 3.1.3 Australian library networks 3.2 International Document Suppliers 3.3 Payment 3.4 Automated Document Delivery Management Systems

17 4. Professional Development 4.1 Workshops, training courses 4.2 ILL/DD interest groups 4.4 Journal Titles 4.3 Copyright 4.5 Bibliography 4.4 Scanning and Delivery - Best practice - Ariel or PDF

18 5. News 5.1 Hot topics 5.2 Interlibrary Loan Discussion Lists 5.3 Conferences 5.4 Recent Research 5.5 National committees, forums, policy bodies etc.

19 What’s Next? ALIA ILLEAG to finalise the draft structure Pilot in 1 st half of 2007 – ACT LADD User Group has volunteered to help Review the pilot Finalise content and editorial structure Go live

20 Thank-you If you’d like to comment contact members of the ALIA ILLEAG

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