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Program Management Office Update Janet Ply July 21, 2008.

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1 Program Management Office Update Janet Ply July 21, 2008

2 2July 21, 2007 Agenda Restructured Nodal Program Organization Nodal Integrated Program Schedule Status TPTF Activities Home Team Engagement and Activities Project Updates Questions

3 3July 21, 2007 Restructured Nodal Program Organization Core projects: major nodal systems including NMMS, EMS, MMS, CRR and Commercial Systems Core project managers accountable for end-to-end delivery of the systems and direct the activities of the supporting projects Supporting projects: projects spanning across all core projects Rigorous program and budget controls, resource management and release management Now that the program is in early stages of systems integration, a different model is needed to support integration of multiple, large projects at the program level to ensure successful delivery.

4 4July 21, 2007 Restructured Nodal Program Organization Program Mgmt Office Janet Ply Infrastructure David Forfia Readiness & Transition (MER/ERT) Karen Lamoree Early Delivery Systems Daryl Cote Business Ownership Division VPs Executive Sponsor Ron Hinsley Quality Assurance: Eileen Hall Finance: Aaron Smallwood TPTF Liaison: Joel Mickey IT Governance Market Management System Outage Scheduler Murray Nixon Network Model Management System Linda Clarke Congestion Revenue Rights System Stacy Barry Commercial Systems Raj Chudgar Energy Management System David Hackett Integration Stephen Kerr Enterprise Architecture Brian Cook Market Information System Portal Brett Economides Current Day Reports Naresh Chunduri Enterprise Data Warehouse Sankara Krishnaswamy Integration Testing Ken Kasparian Readiness & Transition (MER/ERT) Karen Lamoree Early Delivery Systems Daryl Cote Infrastructure David Forfia CORE NODAL PROJECTS SUPPORTING NODAL PROJECTS Executive Program Director (Acting) Ron Hinsley

5 5July 21, 2007 EMSCRRCOMS Core Projects Integrate Supporting Project Activities MMS/OS NMMS CDREIPEDWMISINF I- TST CORE NODAL PROJECTS SUPPORTING NODAL PROJECTS Worked well prior to integration Allowed multiple work streams to be completed Allows core projects to manage dependencies for supporting projects Enables start-to-finish functionality for releases Ensures accountability for program- level delivery Supports the integrated schedule approach

6 6July 21, 2007 Nodal Integrated Program Schedule Development Status Accomplishments to Date –Completed “Plan for a Plan” and executing against it –Identified interfaces and dependencies across core projects; significant progress across supporting projects –Identified program level gaps and included in schedules –Enhanced individual project schedules –Completed initial development of “Go-Live” Sequence –Developed more comprehensive view at the program level across the teams

7 7July 21, 2007 Nodal Integrated Program Schedule Key Dates Remaining Schedule Development Activities –Complete core project schedules with dependencies –Complete supporting project schedules –Integrate core project schedules –Integrate supporting project schedules into overall integrated schedule –Refine integrated schedule –Review with ERCOT executives and refine –Develop accompanying budget –Provide draft integrated schedule to TPTF –Review with TPTF –Complete schedule refinement and optimization –Prepare communication for Board meeting –Present integrated schedule to ERCOT Board July 21 July 23 July 23 July 25 Aug. 4-8 Aug. 8-15 Aug.18 Aug. 25 Sep. 5 Sep. 16

8 8July 21, 2007 Sample Schedule Milestones Example milestones to be communicated to MPs: Approximately 150 milestones Schedules and milestones dynamically linked – change to a date in one schedule automatically updates dates for dependent activities and milestones

9 9July 21, 2007 Upcoming TPTF Activities Review and comment on the integrated master schedule Review and approve several requirements documents that need to be updated to reflect post-Baseline 2 changes Review and approve revised EDS Handbooks that reflect changes from integrated schedule Review current status of MMS-deferred items

10 10July 21, 2007 Home Team Engagement Remainder of EDS 2 Release 3 State Estimator and Telemetry has been transitioned to EMMS Production Support and Advanced Network Application groups. Recent LFC test conducted by System Operations – only 5 of 50 involved were contractors CRR, DAM/RUC, and NOMCRs have already transitioned to home teams EDS is the final transition from nodal to the home team. EDS is executed by home teams. Examples:

11 11July 21, 2007 Nodal and the Home Teams Program is clarifying home team and nodal roles Home teams are actively involved in reviewing and approving the project schedules and budgets Program is identifying home team SMEs and backfilled resources to ensure adequate staffing levels for transition Nodal project and home teams are reviewing transition plans to identify potential gaps Executive committee will review budget issues related to transitioning nodal activities to home team for consistent approach

12 12July 21, 2007 NMMS Update NMMS Software (Siemens) Releases –Currently testing: Outage selection for CRR and Planning Models PTC enhancements to support PTI topology PTI Release 2 (distribution system reduction, temperature rating sets, contingency data exports) –August Release PTI Release 3 (connectivity node to bus processing, 3-winding transformers, contingency data export, reporting capabilities) –October Release (potentially 1 additional Release) Auto Model Build Scheduler MIS Posting Folder Structure Historical Models Reports Outage Enhancements Data & Schema Activities –CIM Schema Release V1.18 –Supporting schema data population for EMS & MMS –Identifying validation rules –Preparing Data Validation Whitepaper –Finalizing CIMTool Demo for NDSWG

13 13July 21, 2007 EMS Update Recent completions – completed EMS FAT and released to down stream systems Requirements Qualification Test (RQT) Study State Estimator Dynamic Ratings Applications Interface/Enhancements Transmission Constraints Managements (TCM) Enhancements Outage Scheduling API in Forced Outage Detection (FOD) Current Operating Plan (COP) API in FOD Frequency Source Selection (Multiple Frequency Source selection) Study Server Mid Term Load Forecast (MTLF) Operator alarm reconfiguration based on priority Operator displays enhancements, oriented to the assigned responsibility Interfaces to EMS current day reports, telemetry and state standard reports, and EMS billing and settlements 13

14 14July 21, 2007 14 EMS – Update - 2 EMS has completed all functionality testing and released the functionality to ITEST/EDS except: –EMS CIM Importer – still testing at AREVA Iterating with NMMS to get fidelity in the data model to complete validation and run the EMS applications ERCOT SMEs are testing with AREVA to identify and resolve issues ERCOT staffing on-site –Outage Evaluation (OE) – Testing at ERCOT (Post FAT bug fix phase) New, complex tool, multiple hours analysis; delays associated with tuning the model, verifying the software and tuning the software Embodies Dynamic Remedial Action Plan (DRAP), VSS, and the management of multiple models (multiple time period within each model) –Voltage Support (VSS) – Testing at ERCOT (Post FAT bug fix phase) New, equivalent to SCED in the reactive domain but more complex due to the non-linearities –Transient Stability/Voltage Stability Analysis Tools (TSAT/VSAT) Completed Vendor FAT in February (delayed FAT due to hardware setup and priority) and FAT testing is active –Alerts and Notification – Development in progress –Changes related to SIG papers – in analysis –Remaining interfaces (e.g., DAM/RUC, reports, replication) in progress

15 15July 21, 2007 MMS Update MMS (ABB) Software Releases –MMS4 includes baseline 0, 1 & 2 software (e.g., DAM, RUC, SASM, CCT, SCED) MMS4 FAT testing completed 22May08 (used PSS/E test data set) 4 patches are scheduled for MMS4; generally patches include: –additional functionality related to SIG papers and post baseline 2 approved NPRRs –TPTF approved requirements or previously deferred items (e.g., resource parameter API, dynamically scheduled inc/dec energy offer curves, co-optimizing energy & AS for self-committed resources in DAM) –performance tuning and review of system for production readiness –bug fixes identified during previous testing cycles Patch 1 FAT testing completed and released to iTEST/EDS passive on 20Jun08 (used PSS/E test data set) Patch 2 entered FAT last week; currently scheduled to exit FAT in mid-August –first FAT to use a CIM XML test data set; data for all MMS required extensions is not included in this CIM XML test data set Patch 3 scheduled for delivery into MMS DEV in late July –first FAT to use a CIM XML test data set with sample data for all MMS required extensions Patch 4 scheduled for delivery into MMS DEV in late August –final patch scheduled for MMS4; focused mainly on outstanding defects prior to start of MMS5

16 16July 21, 2007 MMS Update - 2 MMS (ABB) Software Releases –MMS5 is the last scheduled MMS software release Trigger start for MMS5 is a CIM schema and CIM XML data file synchronized for consumption by EMS & MMS Once the trigger is available, the following tasks will take place: –ABB final review and refactoring of all workflows using the complete CIM schema & CIM XML file –ABB completion of software updates for SIG papers, post baseline 2 NPRRs, performance & production readiness tasks, and outstanding defects –Pre-FAT in Santa Clara –Release preparation & delivery to ERCOT –Loading and smoke testing in MMS DEV & MMS FAT –Final regression testing of MMS system in FAT MMS Processes & Procedures (DAM, RUC, Adjustment Period & Real-time) –MMS & MOS team members are leading the development of these documents –Reviews with the TPTF are scheduled for August, September & October meetings

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