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School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Final Year Projects Final Year Project Coordinator – Newcastle Laboratory Manager - Newcastle Gunilla.

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1 School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Final Year Projects Final Year Project Coordinator – Newcastle Laboratory Manager - Newcastle Gunilla Burrowes: Peter Turner:

2 Importance of Final Year Project  Culmination of your degree  Opportunity to demonstrate knowledge & skills you have acquired  Project Management  Analytical Skills – taking a complex problem and devising a practical solution  Communication Skills – preparation of web sites, reports and a presentation  Opportunity to demonstrate the qualities of a degree qualified Engineer  Should not attempt other courses while taking Final Year Project

3 How to find a project  Since the kind of project undertaken is very diverse, there are a number of ways to find a suitable project including:  Approaching your employer with an idea related to an aspect of your own work or their operations in general. Write a project proposal.  In consultation with PSB and University staff, developing an idea based upon an interest of your own. Write a project proposal.  Consulting the list of Final Year Projects provided by the Newcastle Course Coordinator.  Assessment will reflect the difficulty of the Project

4 Final Year Project Course Structure  Work on a Major Project – from problem definition to conclusion  Group or Individual projects.  Two supervisors – one in Singapore & one in Newcastle  Self directed – Time and Project Management  Risk Management of Project  ask questions  Make decisions and move on  Formal lecture series  Part A – 10 credit points (Fail or NA) Part B – 20 credit points

5 Supervision  You will be allocated 2 supervisors  Your Singapore (local) supervisor will provide the day to day management of your project and therefore will provide you with the technical support you need for your project.  Your Newcastle supervisor is allocated to approve the academic content and scope of the project and then to support the local supervisors with management and technical issues. NOTE: Your first contact point for your project is therefore your local supervisor.

6 Final Year Project Support Structure  PSB Coordinator: Garry Yee  Contact Details:  For Enrollment / Assessment / Timetabling etc.  University of Newcastle Coordinator: Gunilla Burrowes  Contact Details:  For Academic allocation at UoN.

7 Final Year Project Support Structure 1.Local Supervisor: Day-to-day technical management. MEET weekly. 2.Newcastle Supervisor: Approval and Assessment. CONTACT monthly. Additionally: 3.Engineering or Technical Support: UoN & PSB Technical Support Team Note: Your first point of call for technical questions is your local supervisor. Your local supervisor will contact the Newcastle supervisor on a regular basis.

8 Group Projects  Each student should have a clear role and area of responsibility that leads to a definable contribution to the project outcomes and project report.  Record keeping by individual students in a Professional Journal needs to be of a high standard  Each student whether in a group or not is to hand in their own report. NOTE: Individuals will be marked rather than groups

9 Final Year Project: Assessment AssessmentComponentAssessment via:Weighting 1. Interim (Part A) Technical ContentOHS requirements, Progress reports & journal Supervisor interaction Interim Report 14 % Presentation QualityInterim web site & report Supervisor interaction 6 % 2. Final (Part B) Technical ContentProgress reports & journal Final web site & report Presentation / Interview 64% Presentation QualityFinal Web site & report Presentation / Interview 16%

10 Semester 1 2005 – Key Dates DateEvent 1 FebruarySubmission of Project Preferences or Proposals 12 March – 6 MayPart A 7 May – 12 AugustPart B August 2005 (TBA)Final Assessment

11 Project Options  Industry Sponsored or Student Proposed Projects  Industry based projects maybe more relevant to your current job  If you have a project you would like to do then you need to submit a project proposal.  UoN/PSB offered Projects  Projects have been developed for groups consisting of: Of up to 3 people  Refer to Final Year Project Proposal List  Submission of Project Preferences: 1 February 2005

12 Some Advise on Design  Take sometime to develop a project plan and discuss this with your supervisor.  Break the project and individual tasks into manageable parts.  Make sure you test each new addition to your project thoroughly.  Don’t test everything at once.

13 Plagiarism  Please be warned, we will be thoroughly checking submitted work for Plagiarism.  How will we do this?  eg. for work submitted as part of a project we will:  Upload all code and digital designs from hardware,  Compile all code and digital designs that are submitted for marking,  Compared Uploaded code to Compiled  Compare submitted work to work submitted by other groups  Compare submitted work to information available on internet.  If you use someone else’s work then please reference it in your report.

14 Good Luck  Additional sessions have been organised this week – refer to new timetable  Make an appointment with Peter or myself if you want to talk more about Projects this week.  Final Year Project Web Site: We hope you enjoy your Final Year Project

15 UoN/PSB offered Projects (continued)  We have developed 7 projects covering a wide range of technologies within Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications. 1.Teleconferencing Phone 2.Wireless Data Acquisition System 3.Bluetooth Enabled Web Cam 4.Robot Dog Soccer 5.Walking Humaniod Robot 6.Weather Station 7.USB Wireless Communications Module  Peter will give you a brief presentation on each of these.  ALL Equipment that is issued must be returned in working order. Failure to do so will result in your grade being withheld.

16 1. Teleconferencing Phone

17 2. Wireless Data Acquisition System

18 3. Bluetooth-enabled Web Camera

19 4. Robot Dog Soccer

20 4. Robot Dog Soccer (continued)

21 5. Walking Humanoid Robot

22 5. Walking Humanoid Robot (continued)

23 6. Remote Weather Station

24 7.USB Wireless Communications Module

25 Design Considerations  Please be careful with equipment.  For some designs you will need to implement bi-directional buses.  If 2 devices are connected together and both are configured as outputs then 1 device will be destroyed. Please simulate and check designs before testing.  If you are unsure please see your supervisor.

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