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Lawrence Technological University Office of University Housing Voice Mail System Guide.

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1 Lawrence Technological University Office of University Housing Voice Mail System Guide

2 LTU Telephone Service  Each apartment is equipped with one phone line and voice mail located in the living room.  Telephone voice mail service is free of charge but does require an authorization code.  Each apartment is required to have a working telephone and active voice mail in case of emergencies.  There are no service charges for local calls which include all 248, some 313 and some 586 area codes.

3 Entering the Voicemail System  To enter the Voicemail system dial your phone extension. While the voice mail message is playing, press the * button.  Next, you will be asked to enter your Passcode. Enter the default Passcode you were given.  The first time you use your Voicemail, you will be placed into the tutorial, the Auto Attendant will guide you through the set- up.

4 New Passcode  Follow the instructions and enter a new Passcode. Your Passcode can be any 4 to 10 digit number.  This new Passcode is what you will use from now on.  Next you will be instructed on how to set up a greeting message.

5 Greeting  Follow the instructions from the Auto Attendant and speak your message into the receiver.  Remember to be friendly yet professional in your message.  You may press the # button to end your recording if you finish before the allocated time.

6 Greeting  Here is a sample greeting: Hello, this is. I can’t come to the phone right now. Please leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for calling.  For security reasons do not give out more information than you need to in your greeting Do not include specific dates you will be away and think carefully before giving out an alternative phone number. Do you want just anyone to know the number?

7 Entering Your Name  Several functions within the Voicemail use just a recording of your name. When instructed, speak your name into the receiver as you wish it to be heard. Remember that you can press the pound (#) key if you finish before the allocated time.  Once you’ve gone through this tutorial you will not have to go through it again, although the option to do so is available.

8 Retrieving Your Voicemail  If you have any messages in your Voice mailbox your phone will have a different dial tone. Instead of the usual steady dial tone, your phone will have a pulsating dial tone. You can retrieve your Voicemail as follows: Dial your extension, Wait for Voicemail to answer. Press *, the Auto Attendant will say: “Hello, …. Please enter your Passcode.” Enter your Passcode. Remember to use your new Passcode. If you should forget your Passcode please contact the Office of University Housing. The Auto Attendant will lead you through retrieving your mail.

9 Voicemail Menus  Each command within the Voicemail system has a single letter designation. For example to play a message you would push “P”. To give a voicemail command press the telephone key pad number which has the same letter as the command you wish to perform. So to play a message find “P” on the key pad which is located on the 7 button.  If you are unsure which button to push, wait a few seconds and the Auto Attendant will list several options for the current menu.

10 Quick Guide to Menu Options  Main Menu:  P- Play Message D- Discard Message K- Keep Message R- Review Message X- Exit to Main Menu  U- User Options G- Change Greeting N- Change Name P- Change Passcode T- Tutorial X- Exit Back to Main Menu  X- Exit System

11 Exiting the system  When you are finished with your Voicemail session, do not just hang up. This may tie up your phone line for a few moments while the system decides whether you hung up or not. During this time, no more calls may come in.  When you have completed a given option press “X” (9) to exit back to the previous menu. When you’ve reached the main menu, you may then hang up.  If you press “X” (9) and hear the Auto Attendant say “You have un-played messages…” you are at the main menu and may hang up.

12 Common Questions  Q: Do I have to listen to all of the voice prompts?  A: No, simply enter your next command and you will override the prompts.  Q: How many messages will my mailbox hold?  A: 20  Q: How long will messages be stored before being erased?  A: Messages you haven’t listened to will be stored for 20 days. Saved messages will be stored for 2 days.

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